Day 7 I Am Empowered

Welcome to I Am Empowered Day #7 – Final Day

Use this meditation to claim your legacy. I Am Legacy.

There is something wonderful about the fact that you can leave a conscious legacy or you can just leave whatever you leave. When you choose a conscious one you get to pay attention to your every choice aligning with that intention. Do you find that sometimes you say you want one thing yet do something totally not aligned with what you say you want? It happens, but when you state a legacy you want to leave it keeps calling you back on track, the track you set out upon.

I often have people write their own epitaph then live your life backwards from that. It’s reverse engineering your life to support your legacy.
Write Your epitaph here. Then under it write how you need to act and think and speak and feel to support that statement.

It’s so simple and like all simple things, like truth it is most challenging to live. Each step is either taking your closer or farther from that intent, that purpose, that legacy. It is a call to live more consciously from the inside out. Are you ready for that call?

Wahe Guru love and blessing to the light of you,


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Thank you. Bless you. Love and honor you.