I Am Empowered


You did it! You know and want to increase the power of you. Your connectedness to you, to your job, your family, your love, your life. I couldn’t be happier for you. I look forward to this journey together. Remember you can add calls with me If you haven’t. You can start here http://gurutejsessions.com/. This can also be broken down into 2/30 min calls Just for you. Deep gratitude and love.

Download Files and Process

The basis of this whole program is the I Am Empowered Book. Please download the the zipped package with the book as a PDF and start reading as you go through the course and videos at your own pace. Each chapter has a brief excerpt from the book and then the appropriate video on the site. Use the book to get the full information and answer the questions in the book to embrace your full development on the empowered path.

It works if you work it!

Download Course Files

Included in the download are several bonuses you will want to listen to and take advantage at your own pace.
Here we go!

I am Desire

The very first, most important thing is your foundation. Desire is your foundation. Having a really deep desire to connect to your essence will set up this chain of events that goes: awareness, desire, visualisation, creation, passionate action. It will awaken your passion, it will help you to go into action because you have to take action to shift anything. This action requires discipline, joy, grit, inspiration and endurance.

I often use the expression “get to” because that is what it is. You have the gift to “get to”. This is not just a cute replacement for “have to”. You are truly here to connect to your essence. You have said “yes” so you “get to”. This is the corridor, the conduit into your vastness and into the connection with everything. If you want more love, connect to your essence. If you want more joy, if you want more happiness, if you want more of being able to see and understand others. Your essence is where that comes from. So your desire to be connected to you is the most important… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I am Supported

However strange this may sound, getting your partner, your support person or people is vital. It’s really integral and important that you have an accountability person. In the past, churches, small towns and extended families provided accountability, and now we need both that same accountability and that support.

So choosing your partner is super, super important – it has to be somebody who really sees you, who supports you as you change, because so many people in your life want you to stay just the way you are, because if you change then they might have to change too! It’s not even a conscious thought. This is an unwritten law of staying safe. Recognise that if you change then you go beyond the fear of what is agreed upon as a group whatever that group is, family, friends, extended family, children. That is scary for you and for the entire group. It changes the balance of power and possibilities… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I am Organised

Maybe you are and maybe you aren’t. It’s so relative. You can be organised in some areas and not in others. Then there are the hyper organised whose entire lives fall apart if things aren’t organised their way. Is this you? Also people who could care less about organisation, maybe you? Organisation is your friend, but hyper organisation will strangle you. See how you can let it serve you.

Get curious abut how you can be more organised in areas you aren’t. I had one student tell me it all looked good in her house, as long as no one dared open any cabinets or drawers! Where is the organised/disorganised place in your life?… [Consult the book for more instruction]

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