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I am Clear

This is the best. This is your birthright. To be clear means you can hear. It means you can connect. It means you are present. Because true clarity means you erase the chatter, the chaos that follows you around. Clear is bright of eyes and heart. It means you have nothing to lose or gain. You are free, you are clear. Are you ready for clear? Then create habits that will build your clarity. For your habits lead you to be clear or confused. Your habits support your essence or your demise. Your habits elevate you to vastness or plague you with insecurity. Each moment you have the chance to choose clear or not, but how?

It is “clear up and clear out”. Your physical environment is extremely important and it’s very reflective of your internal environment. I want you to look at your house from someone else’s point if view. If you want to hire somebody to help you that’s a great idea, because anybody who helps clean your closets or organise your house helps you see the organisation. They may be really good at throwing things out. Sometimes when we are holding onto patterns within ourselves we are also holding onto so much stuff in our life. Physical acquisitions that we no longer need, for example what we needed at 20 is not what we need at 30 or 40, yet so much of the time we just keep accumulating, especially in the west. We are relentless accumulators and we don’t take the time to release… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I Am Not My Habits, or Am I?

You think you are. You hold on to your perspectives as if they are the gospel truth. Are you willing to inspect your every belief and find out if you need to upgrade them? Do you have beliefs that were given to you that no longer serve you? Maybe they never did. You form habits from beliefs. Habits are actions taken over and over again. These actions follow your beliefs about what is good or bad, what should or shouldn’t be, what is acceptable or unacceptable. They are ingrained in you like your blood. That is why there is that saying “blood is thicker than water,” meaning your relatives are stuck to you more deeply in your thoughts than non relatives. Meaning those you relate to and with the most, those relatives. I invite you to see who you are really related to and with. How do they think about things? They will show you about you… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I am Fed

This is on all levels: we will talk of food but I want you to know that you create unhealthy feeding habits because you don’t feel or experience being truly, deeply fed, loved.

Start feeding your depth and you will deeply experience feeling nourished. Ah, if it were only that easy. On one level it is, but on others you get to understand that if you were dishonoured in any way, or you perceived yourself being dishonoured or abused you can eat for protection against feeling. You will look for ways, not always the best ways, to feel loved and fed. There are so many valid and invalid reasons for eating junk, or over-eating or eating something you know you are not supposed to eat because you have been told not to or it just doesn’t work for you body. It all comes from a place of rebelling against not feeling deeply fed… [Consult the book for more instruction]

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