I Am Empowered

Welcome to Part 3

Keep going!
Deep gratitude and love.

I Am Priceless

Party Time. You are. That’s all I really want to say. If you are feeling anything less than this say this mantra : I am bright I am beautiful I am I am. Keep saying it. You can say this all day and night and no one will even know. This will feed the pricelessness of you.

You are Priceless. You are precious. You are amazingly gorgeous. Sit in these mantras, breathe into them. Let them impregnate your cells and break the blood brain barriers so you don’t think you are priceless, you KNOW you are… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I Am Connected

When you are truly connected you are experiencing your true emotions. Emotions are the voice of the soul. True emotions. Once they get connected to a story, your story, then they lose the purity and take you into a knowing rut of the same feeling.

Connection is freeing. Connecting is knowing that a person or place or thing can leave you and you will still love and feel connected to and with them. It has depth and breath. It supports you and all you are connected to. It contains the essence of non attached love, what we now call pure love or unconditional love… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I Am Joyous

This is innocence. For innocence can just jump into joy at any moment, not caring what anyone will think. Joyous is not a thought out state but a state that springs from being connected to your essential self. A state that is yours. It will belong to you if you cut your restraints and resistance. Are you ready to dance and sing and laugh at the fun and hard things both? If yes, then I have much to share with you.

There are times when you feel you will never survive this, whatever the ‘this’ is. You are not supposed to survive. Survival is a miserable eking out of existence and not a joyous out loud life. Out loud doesn’t mean you have to be loud, it means you get to be free with your body, your heart, your love, your capacity to resurrect from the rubble that is sometimes each person’s life, your life. To allow the dance of life to flow through you again. Fear closes us down, shuts us off, numbs us out and when you allow joy to creep back in it starts invading each and every part of your being. In your own way. A smile may creep across your face or you may call someone back or eat well again. It can come in many forms but you know its call – like some exotic bird it is calling out to you… [Consult the book for more instruction]

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