I Am Empowered

Welcome to Part 4

You’ve Made it. Just finish these and commit. Apply!
How do you feel?? Contact me and let me know.
Deep gratitude and love.

I Love to Move my Beautiful Body

We have these wonderful units that are composed of all these moving parts that long to be activated. There is no one way to move her/him. Just move them in gratitude. Sometimes at the beach I play in and with the waves and swim in the amazing ocean – delicious. Sometimes I rollerblade hills doing my 11’s prayers from Jap Ji, a prayer of liberation. It clears my head and heart. Yoga slips in all day for my body and yours, resents being parked in a chair, in bed, on anything for too long. It is asking you not to let it turn into the tin woman/man. It is inviting you to dance the dance that calls to you.

I love exercise and I realise that not everybody does. For some people exercise is really challenging. I remember Oprah saying she was really happy not exercising so she had to have her trainer so that she would exercise. She actually had her trainer live on her property so she would have to do something every day that would move her body. Look at your beautiful body, it has joints everywhere. That tells you that you need the synovial juices activated. The best thing with exercise is to choose one that you like and then get your accountability partner or somebody you really would like to spend more time with, then exercise together. If you think you don’t want to run or have no desire to swim or ride a bike, find a class that does something that you think you might like or is at least interesting to you. Go look online. Get ideas then give yourself a 7 day period and take that class within 7 days… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I Am Grateful

Full of greatness are you. Practicing Gratefulness when you don’t feel grateful is like being taught to grow vegetables instead of being given vegetables. It is the source of life. It is the attractor of all. It is said that The Divine comes to visit you when you slow your breath down to one breath every 30 seconds and the Divine will come to serve you when you slow your breath to one breath per minute. The Divine is always with you but you can activate your awareness of the dance you get to do with the Divine when you are grateful. She brings her friends to encompass you. Here is the 1 minute breath for you… [Consult the book for more instruction]

I Am My Legacy

This is so powerful. This is the vapor trail of your life. This is what is remembered about you. It’s not about your hair, or your wonderful clothes, or any of that “stuff”. It’s about the imprint you leave on those around you. The ones you know and the ones you don’t know.

There is something wonderful about the fact that you can leave a conscious legacy. The other choice is whatever happens to be. This is the sloppy unconscious path. The whatever path. When you choose a conscious legacy you get to pay attention to your every choice aligning each action with your intention… [Consult the book for more instruction]


This is the last frontier – the inner self.

Legacy is the touchstone of how consciously you are living your life. It is not about how grand your legacy is, but about how deeply connected to it you are.
Thank you. Bless you. Love and honor you.

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