That is what my teacher did to us. He yelled and berated us. Got one person up and yelled at them. We prayed that one person would not be us till I realized, if I was in the room, it was for me. I started to listen from his heart, not his huge, loud penetrating voice. His heart was as still as the center of the vortex of a hurricane. Calm, quiet and loving.

So, on this day, his (Yogi Bhajan’s) birthday, I want to share a gift with you that some of you may know. But what if you approach it as if for the first time? With a beginner’s mind, excited to see what can happen with this mantra he first gave us for our liberation?

Nothing is more empowered than being liberated from disconnection.

Watch and do this mantra with me please.


Ek Ong Kar

Sat Nam


Wahe Guru


My teacher’s birthday gift to you


We can never do this too much nor too often for it serves you to remember, there is One Creator creating this creation. Truth is that name, Great and ecstatic is that experience.

Happy birthday to each of you! Feel blessed and ask for blessings on this birthday of my teacher.

Love to You Wahe Guru,



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