What is sooo special about this sun of ours? Oh, let me count the ways it loves us.

Sun Run Down:

  1. Necessary to grow everything.
  2. Creates warmth, sometimes a little too much
  3. For many, it is their wake-up call
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Sun gazing at sunrises and sunsets (healing and revealing)
  6. Heals us.

Endless other things. Please name your top 5 Sun Gifts






We know that as the climate warms, we are getting more intense sunlight. As the ozone layer thins, the Sun’s influence gets stronger and you burn more easily.

I got to see this on my last trip to Akumal Mexico. This was our 4th trip there and I have never burned before. I burned royally. I had to wear long (not cute) men’s swim trunks. My oceanic love trumped the burn, so the ugly trunks were the compromise with my beloved Keith. They worked and I don’t care what people think or I would have stopped wearing a turban long ago. All I’m saying is the sun was different, and, yes, I had been there in May, 6 years ago, and no burn. So, things are heating up.

We do this dance with the Sun each day, and over a period of a year, we get closer and farther away. We rotate into it and away from it each day. We need this Sun of ours. This light-being who reminds us to stay lit, to be the light, and, yes, even to compete for who is the brightest.

This poem came to me the other day.


Sometimes Sunshine Makes Me…

Happy, slow, yearning

open to your embrace

I arise, arms lifting wide and possible

to feel your kiss


Icarus did

sucking your warmth


promises of

being embraced forever

held, healed

buttered, battered

fry me

make a warm offering

of me

to all who come to your altar.


If you can’t be the Sun, be the lover of the Sun. Otherwise, how will you ever be able to stand up and be the light in your life and the life of those around you?

I salute your courage to say, yes, to building habits that serve you—not the ones that suck your life force out of you.

How are you feeding your light—not your anxiety?

Go out and stand in the sunlight during your lunch hour and soak it in. 12-1 in the afternoon is the best time to get the vitamin D and feel the healing light of the sun. Come on for 15 minutes.

Take your lunch and eat it in the sunlight. Soak in this gift of light and healing that is necessary for all to grow, and, yes, that means us too.

Store it up for the Winter time.


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