Anyone not love gifts? Let me know. If not, why? These questions are just for you. Not to send to anyone or be seen by anyone. Just you, so be truthful. It will reveal things, wonderful things to you. Take you 5 minutes or a lifetime; up to you to answer these few questions.

Who are the people that are the gifts in your life?

Who are the gift givers? Might be the same people; might not. Just notice.

How do you feel when you are around the people you consider to be the gifts in your life?

How do you feel when you get gifts?

Try this meditation. It’s one of my favorites; very simple and one of the deep-dive meditations.

This will reverse the blockages in life. Nothing will stop you.


Easy Sitting Pose

Hands in a fist with the Jupiter finger extended upwards.

Chant a heart mantra. Hum, Ma, La

Do it for the 11 days till the new year and beyond.

This will use the power of the sun to ripe the see of your hope, your connection. 


Wahe Guru love to you,


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