I want to honor my mother, your mother, all mothers for what they have given us, the true gift of our life. We get to make of it what we do. They gave us the baseline for our magnificence.

This is a tribute to ALL women and a prescription of elevation of our human race.

I wanted to share this poem with you first, then let’s talk, yes?


by Gurutej Kaur

Everything is the answer.

Why should we pay attention to our women?

Why should we honor their rhythms and cycles?

Because they are our seers. They are our souls.

They are the bringers of life.

Not only this gorgeous thing called our body, but the life of the ideas.

They are the holders of the Seed.

When women do not get nourished they become terrible.

They become fiercer than Genghis Khan,

They become Kali looking for blood, your blood.

If they aren’t given the time to create in grace, they become hard like coal and will burn you with their fire.

If their song isn’t heard, they become hoarse and listless.

Their whispers paralyze your very being.

When women are looked at kindly,

Spoken to with reverence,

Acted toward with respect,

Touched with dignity, we will experience the greatest delights.

We will have honor because we have honored that from which we have come.

We will experience peace because our intuition will be alive.

We will experience hope because her prayer will be heard once again.

We will experience compassion because her depth has been awakened.

We will experience courage because her fear will bow to her trust.

We can dig ourselves out of this grave of fear through honor.

We can dig ourselves out of this grave through reverence.

We can dig ourselves out of this grave through respect.

She is a woman.

She is your woman.

Your mother, your daughter, your lover, your sister, and your friend.

See her in the face of every woman.

Encourage her to know what she really knows.

So, turn off the radios, the TV, the computer, the distractors.

Make friends with her silence.

To hear her deepest voice and delight in its magnitude.

To share her wisdom without fear.

When you hear these voices

When you see the glint of eternity in her eyes

Then you will know hope

Until then we are emaciated souls awaiting emancipation

Please sit with this poem and share it if you feel called to. Then I ask you to answer these questions.

How have you honored you? 

What are you doing to build your wisdom quotient?

Please, AFTER you answer these questions, watch this video:

How to feed yourself your wisdom. My mother story. Ma. 


Thank you, Mothers, for your passion, your caring, your co-creating with the Divine.

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