It’s all about what we remember. It’s all about our perceptions and the grudges that come from holding those perceptions. Right this minute can you do this wonderful breath? Just press your tongue to the roof of your mouth and then open the sides of your mouth and suck the breath in through the sides of your mouth. Exhale through the nose. It’s a little slurpy sounding but wow will it do the trick.  Don’t believe me, beloved community? Try it for 3 minutes and then try to remember what you were obsessing on, what you can’t forgive someone for no matter how seemingly horrid.

This life is all about things that will bring yoga to life in the moment. That unity which is striped away by our fears and hatred. By our lack of trust truly in the Divine, but we place it on a person, place or thing. Seeing the perfection of the moment is not experienced by holding on to that which created the problem. When we refuse to shift out perceptions they become lethal. We are to die to live not just kill ourselves from the insides out.  Let everyone off the hook. Yes everyone no matter how deserving you have made them of hookdom.

See your oppressors in clown outfits, in diapers, in tutus, and then laugh not only at them but at you for letting them have power over you for so long. For allowing yourself to believe the untruths you have been told. Do Sat Kryia. Arms up sitting on your heels or on a chair.  First finger up and rest curled down. Pull the sound Sat in at the navel and Nam comes out the top of your head and around you like a protective fountain to clear your magnetic field.  Do this for 3-11 minutes. You will feel recharged with the presence and support of the angels and Gurus and become the citadel to your soul. You will draw in the energy you need to remember who you are Sat Nam Truth is the essence of the YOU. Breathe that into reality. This is the yoga of life. This is the meditation that can take you beyond the fears and feed you the food of the God’s.

Wahe Guru love to you.



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