If you want more hope, get more energy. Energy is the baseline of everything. Where do we go to get more energy? Usually – sleep, food, exercise, meditation, prayer. So, do you try these things? If yes, which ones? Which are you willing to try? Remember, life is a big experiment; be willing to experiment with it so that you can have new experiences. Be the experiment you want to know about. Does meditation really relieve stress and give us more energy?

If so, which one? Let me tell you something, you can spend your entire life shopping for the “right” meditation for you and you will never find it. Just pick one, any one, and do it. Have the experience of just nailing yourself down and seemingly do nothing to get everything. Oh, don’t expect the waters to part on your first attempt. They may but only if you have spent lifetimes doing this before. Just doing this simple meditation can give you energy if done one way and relax you if done another way. Read through and then do it DO IT. Take the action of inaction.




This is the place where you get to do something truly great. Promise to spend some quiet time each day with and by yourself. Sit and pray. Sit and meditate. Take a silent walk and open yourself up by matching your breath with your steps. Take a walk in the woods or beach, smile, and breath.

I’m big into mantras. Mantra literally means to train the mind. We all have mantras but the word mantra is a weird word to most. It literally means to train the  mind.

What is a mantra? Something you say over and over again to yourself. It can either be a chosen mantra or one that is just habit. How do your mantras serve you? Do you know what your mantras are? What do you say over and over again? Do you say that you don’t know? Do you speak to yourself about how great you are or how dumb? I want to suggest a mantra that will uplift you in a very short period of time.

First Meditation

Great when you just can’t make yourself sit down but do want or need to reconnect to you.

Sat Nam means: Truth is your identity. Take these two words and match it to the cadence of your gate while walking, just whisper it to yourself all day long or chant it out loud. It is easy and effective. It gives you back the essence of you.

This meditation is to get the energy of Ecstasy in your life. Who doesn’t need more of that?!

Wahe Guru: The ecstatic “wow,” the connecting to your depth of wisdom and the experience of wisdom itself.


Roll your tongue and inhale through a rolled tongue. Exhale Wahe Guru –

WHA HAY GOOO RUUU. If you want energy, do it loudly using your entire breath. If you want to release and relax, whisper it.

Prayer is you talking with the Infinite.

Meditation is you listening to what the Infinite is saying to you, through you.

Remember: 40 days to break a cycle, 90 days to start cementing a cycle, 120 to create a new habit, 1000 to mastery.

Look at this and decide what you want from this. Then commit to that amount of consecutive days. Remember if you miss one day, you are back at square one. Not punishment, just know the chain has been broken and you are starting again to create an unbroken chain.

You would not wear a necklace that was broken because the jewels would fall off. Treat your internal jewels the same way you would your external jewels.



I ________________________________________ pledge to do this meditation each day for _______minutes before I leave home and ________ minutes before bed for ________________ days.





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