Love and PeaceThe Divine: Are You Willing?

Are you willing to give up something very precious to us as a race? We are so interesting we carry our anxiety, our depression, our fears so close to our hearts that we think this is truly “how everyone lives.” Sadly, it is true, but you don’t have to be everyone. You can choose to truly live this life differently. Oh, God, we all know it is not as easy as making the choice once and, presto, the good fairy comes down and grants you that wish. And how come no one ever wishes for that when they meet the genie or fairy and wish, “I want to be rid of my pain and all that it brings with it and  replace wit with love”?

If each day, as we greet the Divine and say, “Let’s spend this day together, God,” or whatever you choose to call that Divine Essence, you are choosing connection—all our resistance to what we fear, or think will change our life, or us, is really about embracing our separateness. I have to defend myself; I have to protect myself. What if that is a lie we have been told? What if your best tool is awareness? What if your best tool is having the right tools? What if your best tool is trust? What if trust clears the path for expanded awareness? What then? would you lay your anxiety and depression and separation at the feet of the Divine each day, each moment you feel it? How would you make that offering?

We love steps, so here are some.

  1. When you feel anxious/depressed get up; move and offer your anxiety or depression or… to your beloved, while you are moving your body. Dancing is great, but dance in your way
  2. Speak to yourself and those around you as if this life mattered and this moment mattered. Even if it doesn’t at that moment.
  3. Listen to your own wisdom and take it to heart.
  4. Call someone who needs some love and shower love on them. There is always someone in need of that.
  5. It’s not about you. When this is seems true, there really is only Us and We. Weeeee.

What will give you the power to do these things when you need them—to have a practice, a daily practice 30-60 min that you do no matter what? Then practice the only thing worth practicing each and every moment. Love. Love fiercely, love kindly, love innocently, love vastly. Love, for it will expand you until it delivers you to the feet of your beloved. Do the prayer of love for yourself or another.

Love before you. Love behind you. Love at your left. Love at your right. Love above you. Love below you. Love unto you. Love in your surroundings. Love to all Love to the universe.

You can do this same prayer with Peace, with Light, with Hope, with… then sing some song/chant you love that uplifts you.

Truly, it is just this challenging and this simple. You have to have the willpower to create a practice that will sustain you. That takes work. Make it the work of love.

All Love in the Divine,

Gurutej Khalsa

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