Guidelines mean lines to be guided by and I hope this will inspire you to create your own guidelines my love.

Here are my guidelines:

Guidelines for a healthy, juicy relationship

1.   Sunia/She’ma. Listen. If you can’t listen to yourself, you can’t listen to others. Listening is the kingpin of communication. You don’t have to believe it, just listen.

2.   Respect and Honor are the glue of all relationships. It allows you to be your true self and to embrace others for who they are.

3.    Trust: is destroyed or built moment by moment.

4.   Perspective. Be willing to see things from a different perspective. If you only hold on to yours, the relationship will perish. Be connected, give up being right.

5.   Love or Compassion transcends time and space. Love means you open to the other. Compassion is the power to get curious and allow the differences to exist with grace.

6.   Have good tools. Collect great tools. Have tools to break up fights, to let go, to rejuvenate yourself. to breathe, to see from their side and shift the situation. Know what helps the other to relax, let go, then do it.

7.   Humor. Laugh often and find things to laugh about daily. If you can’t laugh at yourself and situations, then life will be hard.

8.   Forgiveness. This will release you from the past pain and open you to experiencing new joy.

Please share your guidelines with me. What are the most important gifts you bring to a relationship? What do you look for in a loving relationship? This goes for you, to you, as well as you to the other.

Love, love, love to you and Wahe Guru.

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