Once you understand the sacred science of The Moon Centers, you have a better understanding of yourself, your emotions and how you relate to people and situations around you.

Moon Centers Certification Program

This course unveils the sacred science of the 11 moon centers of a woman’s body. Through this course, you’ll explore each center and how to work with it as opposed to working for it so that you have more clarity and more energy. Experience your greatness and share it with those you serve.

As part of the certification course, you’ll also receive my book The Moon She Rocks You, and access to my 6-Week Moon Centers Expansion Series (below). 

This course includes lifetime access.

I am so grateful for this Moon Centers Certification Course. Now that I have completed it, I’m utilizing this wisdom on a daily basis. I am SO kind to myself. My internal dialogue is more understanding, patient, and connected. I have great tools to forecast where my emotions may be headed. I can choose one of the many tools within the program to get empowered and neutral to utilize my gifts. I’m incorporating all these tools in my current classes and planning workshops. Don’t miss out on your dive into Empowerment.
Jody Baker

Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Teacher in San Luis Obispo, California

Moon Centers: How to go from Emotional to Empowered using the Moon Centers – in only 6 weeks. 

This is a very empowered and unique look at the moon centers. This information is NOT in my book and can only be accessed in these videos love. So jump on in and see how looking at how the Moon Centers can serve you in these 6 aspects of your precious life: intuition, health, relationships, sensuality, beauty, and finances

Moon Centers Mini Online Course (1 WEEK DIP) Lifetime Access

Interested in the Moon Centers but not ready to leap into the full course? You can purchase the first week’s worth of content here to get a sneak peak!

The moon center road, has been an enriching and powerful tool in my life, an amazing journey. I have discovered sacred and valuable information that Gurutej Kaur has lovingly brought to us with her unique energy and grace. I invite you to join this program and give yourself the opportunity to know yourself better and deeper. Dare to connect with your inner power.

Gurutej Kaur is a true gift to the yoga world, she is able to communicate the living ancient wisdom of Kundalini yoga through her natural and practical teaching on the Moon Centers, which vibrates with flowing consciousness. Gurutej awakens through her love on sharing the secrets of women from within, and her teachings in her book will resonate with women and men at all levels of experience on the spiritual path.
Devi Kirn Kaur

International yoga teacher and co-founder of Lisa’s Yoga, Niagara on the Lake Canada

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