Day 10 Moon Gifts

Welcome to Day #10 | Clitoris

Today’s Moon Center is your Clitoris

This is the Oh La La center. Such a charged and delicate place.

Funny that it is about wanting to be really social, connected. Challenged is to only want to hang out with those you feel safe with and neutral is Charming in empowering others.

So get sexy with the Divine. Get connected with the all in everything.

Thank you for joining this wonderful 11 day empowerment meditation cycle.

You made it this far and are now invited into a free Google Hangout call on the 14th. Better yet you are also invited to spend the next 3 months, 90 days to create new habit of hot to empower you and your community through really knowing about the Moon Centers and how they work for you and How to Teach them.

Ready then just say yes right now. Follow the link below and be part of this amazing community and serve your community. I honor your intent to share this with all your woman so all woman and men will have access to these priceless teachings.

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Thank you. Bless you. Love and honor you.