Day 11 Moon Gifts

Welcome to Day #11 | Membranes of your Vagina

Today’s Moon Center is your Membranes of your Vagina

Here is where it all comes together.

This is your intuition of what should be allowed in and what should not. When you don’t honor that you feel like a zero. When you do you feel very energized and connected to your intuition and “The” Intuition.

I hope this allowed you to feel juicy and loved and yes connected intuitively to your true path.

Can you believe this is our last day of this wonderful 11 day empowerment meditation cycle. Join me on the Google Hangout call and continue to Master your moon centers and yourself. So lovely.

I don’t want you left behind. Come with me and lets spread this everywhere.

I pray we will get to be together for this amazingly supported 90 day Master Class/ Certification. I am with you. Are you with you? This 90 day Master classed will give you the support and tools to create the habits so you can share the Moon Centers with others from an empowered and experiential place. Authenticity is of vast importance. That you teach what you have experienced. What you love.

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Wahe Guru love and blessings to you.
– Gurutej