Day 8 Moon Gifts

Welcome to Day #8 | Navel

Today’s Moon Center is your Navel

This video is about your power, your energy or your lack of energy.

When you have an energized navel center in the Moon Centers you will have a great power to show up.
Why because you have the energy and clarity to do so. Ha!
If you want that then watch this video and claim these tools for you and all you serve.

Come with me and lets spread this everywhere.

We will have our facebook group if you choose to carry one with me for the next three months and get certified. This 90 day Master classed will give you the support and tools to create the habits so you can share the Moon Centers with others from an empowered and experiential place. Authenticity is of vast importance. That you teach what you have experienced. What you love.

Come with me and lets spread this everywhere. I can’t do this by myself. Together we can. You will be able to sign up and get a discount code to use for the course on this page.

Say yes and click here to be part of this empowerment movement.

Thank you. Bless you. Love and honor you.