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Welcome to the Moon She Rocks You

Moon Gifts and the 11 Moon Centers Overview

You will receive 11 More Emails with Meditations Corresponding with the 11 Moon Centers Starting Sept 11th.

You probably already know the moon’s close connection with women. The moon’s cycle of waxing and waning coincides with the tides and the natural rhythms of the human body.

Earth’s moon has an unusually powerful, almost magical affect on women. Just like a lot of woman have that effect on the men in their lives. You’ve heard the expression “Happy wife, happy life?” Well, you are about to learn how this can be you!

Residing in eleven different physical places in the woman’s body, these centers are more than just symbolic. They are sensitive and powerful areas that embody highly charged emotional expression.

Like the moon, women naturally move through eleven different phases over the course of 28 days. You are in a different moon phase every 2.5 days. Your personality, your strengths, your desires and your moods go along for this marvelous ride.

For example, did you ever want to know why some days a kiss on the neck sends you swooning, while other days only a two-dozen bouquet of roses will do? Or why one weekend you want to flirt with any man that moves, while the next weekend you just want to chill with your closest girlfriends? It’s all in your moon centers.

Thank you. Bless you. Love and honor you.