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Unveils the sacred science of the 11 moon centers of a woman’s body. Explore each center and how to work with it as opposed to working for it so that you have more clarity and more energy. Experience your greatness and share it with those you serve. All of Gurutej’s online programs focused on The Moon Centers will be up to 50% now through Sept 1. Hurry! These offers end soon!


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Moon Centers Certification Program

This course unveils the sacred science of the 11 moon centers of a woman’s body. Through this course, you’ll explore each center and how to work with it as opposed to working for it so that you have more clarity and more energy. Experience your greatness and share it with those you serve.

As part of the certification course, you’ll also receive my book The Moon She Rocks You, and access to my 6-Week Moon Centers Expansion Series (below). 

This course includes lifetime access.

I am so grateful for this Moon Centers Certification Course. Now that I have completed it, I’m utilizing this wisdom on a daily basis. I am SO kind to myself. My internal dialogue is more understanding, patient, and connected. I have great tools to forecast where my emotions may be headed. I can choose one of the many tools within the program to get empowered and neutral to utilize my gifts. I’m incorporating all these tools in my current classes and planning workshops. Don’t miss out on your dive into Empowerment.

Jody Baker

Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Teacher in San Luis Obispo, California

Moon Centers: How to go from Emotional to Empowered using the Moon Centers – in only 6 weeks. 

This is a very empowered and unique look at the moon centers. This information is NOT in my book and can only be accessed in these videos love. So jump on in and see how looking at how the Moon Centers can serve you in these 6 aspects of your precious life: intuition, health, relationships, sensuality, beauty, and finances

Moon Centers Mini Online Course (1 WEEK DIP) Lifetime Access

Interested in the Moon Centers but not ready to leap into the full course? You can purchase the first week’s worth of content here to get a sneak peak!

FUN ART: Originals, Prints, Pillows, Mugs & More, By Gurutej

Speaking of Art: Have you seen my site that I keep adding new pieces to?


Art, Visual, Books, Theater, Movies, Concerts, are meant to awaken your creativity. I am sharing one of my books with you this week but truly want to share my art too. What I love about this site is you can buy my original or a print or phone case, tote, pillow etc of your favorite piece of my art. Go here and check it out love. Truly fun. I Trust it will uplift you and make you smile and awaken  your creativity.

A Slice of the Beloved: Yoga for Couples

I was working with a lot of couples and teaching couples classes yet I was single. Not only single but single for a long, long time. My Students/clients asked me if I would put some of the things I shared with them into a book so they could have these tools at their ready when they would forget what they really wanted to do in a situation. At that time I had no idea what writing a book meant. I hired a professional photographer and put lots of gorgeous picture in the book. Ahhh you have to have a very good printer when you do that no print on demand. But that is not the magic. When I was in the final stages of editing my book my Beloved arrived. Yes, I had joined a dating site called Spiritual Singles just as it emerged all wet behind the ears and glorious. After 2 phone calls and 2 meals with 4 different men I cancelled my subscription, yes there is a stand up routine that goes with those 4 adventures. They, Spiritual Singles asked if they could keep my profile up to keep their numbers up. I had no problem with that. And That is how my beloved found me. A dead profile still awaiting my beloved. Oh there is so much more to this story but suffice it to say there is magic encoded in this book. So if you are looking for your beloved, if you want to connect with yourself more powerfully, if you want to rejuvenate your relationship, this book will serve you. It is a great wedding gift, a great anniversary gift, a great gift to yourself. I trust you will share with others and please use it yourself. It contains wonderful tools to reawaken and reconnect.

When went to reorder my Slice of the Beloved book, and the company who printed them overprinted them, so I got the second unasked for order of books at a discount and I’m passing that on to you love.

I get to offer you a discount, a great discount. The usual price is $20/ea. Now I can offer you signed copies at these amazing prices.

2/ $20



What is this book about? Slice of the Beloved

Why another book on relationships? Because everything in life is about Energy and Relationships. If you want to get juicy, playful, and experience vast reverence, then this could be for you. You will get profoundly simple and effective tools to:

  • First: Connect and reconnect to the beloved in you.
  • Next: How to attract and then play with your beloved.
  • Third: Building the soul of your relationship. Two bodies, one soul.
  • Fourth: Creating a powerful platform to embrace service to whatever aspect of the world calls to you.

Having healthy intimate relationships is the basis of true happiness. Learn practical tools to: This book makes a great gift for all those you care about.

Lovely essential oils that I get to share with you!

Things I love and want to share with you At a discount

I love and use these oils daily, ok many times a day. Great tricks to help us INHALE and ahhh. Great story too. Caryn the founder-owner is my Ex’s next Ex-wife, and we are dear friends. She has such integrity as do her oils. Here is your code to get 15% off and of these majica essential oils (don’t you love that name essential tells you that we need them) that can serve you. GUR15 here is the link love…

TRUE SUCCESS: There’s just gotta be more than this!


Empowered Energy Yoga, Meditation and Far Beyond



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