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True Success Coaching

True Success is all about helping you tap into the “more” in your life — more love, more connection, more empowerment. 

We’ll work 1:1 so that I draw up tools specifically for YOU to help you navigate whatever you’d like support around, whether that’s relationships, work, or figuring out what you desire. 

Because you’re not meant to go through life feeling like it’s all just barely functional. You deserve more. Whatever that means to you. 

When I first saw the Turban and the spiritual teacher thing I was a little put off but in working with Gurutej these last few months I had a very different experience. She was so there in my court with me. She got me on the right track connecting to me and helped me attract the loving relationship I longed for. I had never had a relationship for more than a few months previous to working with Gurutej. I so recommend working with her.

Dr. Jody Stanislaw, N.D., C.D.E.

A 73-year-old grandpa and Humor Coach, Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Diabetes Educator

Empowered Energy Academy

Learn how to nourish yourself first in this program — because when you fill your own energetic cup first, you avoid overwhelm. 

My Empowered Energy Academy features a 12-month blueprint for you to follow. We focus monthly on different topics to help YOU achieve a more Empowered Energized Life.

Topics covered include prosperity, relaxation, nourishment, and clarity. They’re introduced with specific yogic tools, energy interrupters, breathing exercises, and meditations to help you feel more connected to yourself and your goals.


Empowered Energy Academy is very smooth, colorful, easy to navigate and chock-full of evidence-based information, a quiz, and a meditation which I practice every day since it works anytime, anywhere.


North Carolina

Empowered Energy Yoga, Meditation and Far Beyond

Access my library of tools anytime, anywhere, 

My ever-expanding library includes yoga and meditation classes, podcasts, radio interviews, and summits I’ve done where I share other energetic tools. 

Choose what’s right for you at your own convenience. 

gurutej yoga classes

Gurutej’s class is a refuge. Time for the soul when life’s treadmills can let the soul go abandoned. She goes much deeper than a bubble bath.

Vickie Goggin

Vickie Goggin and Associates Casting

Energy Training for Highly Sensitive People

For the longest time, I didn’t understand why my family would feel so abrasive or why I’d take on everyone else’s stuff. Learning that I’m a highly sensitive person was eye-opening. There’s nothing wrong with us, we just need a different set of tools because we feel more. 

I designed this course for highly sensitive people — with the tools I teach, you can become an internally stronger version of yourself. 

Strengthening your magnetic field and nervous system will allow you to navigate life with more ease and power. No more feeling drained—you will know what to do to shift that burden off of you. 

This course includes lifetime access

gurutej yoga classes

As a busy mom, these meditations and affirmations were easy for me to do on the fly to control my anxiety and gain more power over my emotions.


Stay at Home Mom of 2

Moon Centers Certification Program

This course unveils the sacred science of the 11 moon centers of a woman’s body. Through this course, you’ll explore each center and how to work with it as opposed to working for it so that you have more clarity and more energy. Experience your greatness and share it with those you serve.

As part of the certification course, you’ll also receive my book The Moon She Rocks You, and access to my 6-Week Moon Centers Expansion Series (below). 

This course includes lifetime access.

I am so grateful for this Moon Centers Certification Course. Now that I have completed it, I’m utilizing this wisdom on a daily basis. I am SO kind to myself. My internal dialogue is more understanding, patient, and connected. I have great tools to forecast where my emotions may be headed. I can choose one of the many tools within the program to get empowered and neutral to utilize my gifts. I’m incorporating all these tools in my current classes and planning workshops. Don’t miss out on your dive into Empowerment.

Jody Baker

Mother, Wife, Business Owner, Teacher in San Luis Obispo, California

Moon Centers: How to go from Emotional to Empowered using the Moon Centers – in only 6 weeks. 

This is a very empowered and unique look at the moon centers. This information is NOT in my book and can only be accessed in these videos love. So jump on in and see how looking at how the Moon Centers can serve you in these 6 aspects of your precious life: intuition, health, relationships, sensuality, beauty, and finances

Moon Centers Mini Online Course (1 WEEK DIP) Lifetime Access

Interested in the Moon Centers but not ready to leap into the full course? You can purchase the first week’s worth of content here to get a sneak peak!

The Art of Energy Course (LIVE) Runs a few times a year

The Art of Energy: Your Blueprint for Great Energy

How to Get Great Energy From 6 Aspects of Your Life in Just 6 Weeks

No more feeling depleted all the time and relying on caffeine and sugar to survive the day-to-day. My success template for you includes actionable steps you’ll actually be able to follow to make changes in your life. We’ll also support each other over weekly group calls, a private non FB support group, and you’ll receive my book the Art of Energy to work through at your own pace, along with access to our private community.

In my line of work overwhelm is the norm. This brought me back to a state of grace and ease which attracted much more prosperity for me, my business and my clients.

Robin Sheldon

Owner of Artistry Agency


Some people will say “unbreakable” means they’re tough and hard, like steel. But I understand it differently—I think it’s really about being empowered so that when life challenges you, you’re able to get back up. It’s about being resilient.

This course contains content to help you increase your energy so that you can cope better with life and even uplevel your habits. The tools I teach can help you survive the most challenging of times.


Gurutej’s Unbreakable Course gives you practical, easy, doable tools to get you clear, to stay in your empowered grace, get your energy flowing & live a fulfilled life.

Jody Baker

Mother, Artist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Central Coast, California

Abundant Energy Harmonious Life (Evergreen) Lifetime access

We all want abundance, yes? This course will give you the tools to both feel abundant and have a truly abundant life.

The same tools that teach you how to tap into abundant energy can also create more harmony in your life. Thus, more abundance brings more harmony, more clarity, and more real life.

Gurutej. I feel honored and blessed to have gotten your attention if even only for a moment. I am humbled and inspired by what I learned of you on line. I hope to perhaps one day get a chance to meet you in person and follow in your footsteps in my life. 

Matthew Sutherlin

Awaken With Gurutej (LIFETIME ACCESS)

I created this course to support you in your journey to becoming your own Energy Healer. To becoming someone who knows how to shift your energetic states whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times.

This is a month-by-month program where each month focuses on a different area of your life. We’ll dive deep into that area via a mantra, meditations, and 1-3 min exercises to clear your energy.  In our Facebook group, you can connect with other members and receive gruoup support.

This program includes lifetime access.

I can’t wait to discover and be the woman I want to be and your videos and teachings have been AMAZINGLY INSIGHTFUL, FUN, and INTERESTING.  May Vaheguru keep on blessing you with the work your doing.
Thank you for your blessings. smiles and kindness.
Veejay Kaur 🙂

Empower Your Essence

Over 12 weeks, address 12 areas of your life to level up your energy.

Learn tools from me via weekly intimate and live group calls to address topics like claiming your desires, creating your legacy, embracing your sovereignty, understanding your feelings, and communication. Receive additional support within our private group.

Together, we’ll help you deal with life’s challenges so that you can receive the gifts. Together, we’ll empower you from the inside out.

In my line of work overwhelm is the norm. This brought me back to a state of grace and ease which attracted much more prosperity for me, my business and my clients. 

Robin Sheldon

Owner of Artistry Agency


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