For you, this may just be a day; for me this is THE DAY…

The day my daughter left her earthly body for her next assignment…

This is the day in saints’ lives we celebrate as their birth day—the day they were birthed into their next realm, their next holding, their next play.

I feel that with my beloved daughter, who I got to know as Pritham Bhagauti Kaur Khalsa. Yet she was so much before that identity and is so much more after that identity.

Deep Blessings to all I have gained in knowing her. Greatful to be with her still

My poem to that dance. I wanted this poem to be laggy—not all cleaned up and proper, for life is not like that.


To You Dear One 

To the blessings that I received as you called to me 

Greatful I was smart enough to respond in the vast affirmative

to your encompassing evite 

Hail to the fabulously wild being that emerged from me

black soft down like mohawk first

Huge bright eyes that saw deeply into everything

Your soft, kind, innocently childlike hands were bliss to touch, 

and be touched by, healing

They healed many right till you said


Oh, I could go on talking of all the clashes and trials we had in trying to separate out from each other

Or the sweet determination of you, who, first sentence of “I do it myself.” was your guidepost in life. 

Yet your first word, Ad Such, the code of unconditional love, was your true driver

You loved the cold danced with unzipped jacket through the bleak frozen Toronto winters  

I could go on and on but at some point, you have to stop, just smile into the enteral light of the youness that is. 

I smile because you sit in the corners of my mouth and heart and whisper

Just dance, no matter what, just dance. 


So, I ask you what is helping you dance today?

All love and blessings to you. Wahe Wahe Wahe Guru,


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