Autumnal Equinox


One Of The 4 Most Powerful Days Of The Year, Autumnal Equinox. It Carries The Balance Of The Dance Between The Sun And Its Beloved Consort The Moon. The Gift Of Harvest And Rejoicing With And For All That Has Been Given To Us.

Gratitude is always the great equalizer, the great balancer. This time is the time to set that code in your being. The knowingness of how to get back to balance. How to be connected to earth and of the heavens (ether). This is the time to set the code that will serve you for the next 6 months. The code that will bring you back to your essence. This time is precious make the most of it. Say yes to and from your core, essence. Wahe Guru see it through.

Come join us for the deep and code setting workshop Sat.22 4-7 pm with Yummy nourishing food afterwards. $45 pre-paid on site or in person $54 at the time of the class.

$54.00 $45.00


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