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A Slice of the Beloved, Yoga for Couples

Why another book on relationships? Because Everything in life is about energy and relationships. Having healthy intimate relationships is the basis of true happiness. Learn practical tools to create intimacy, increase communication, and build a divine relationships with your partner.

The Moon She Rocks You

What are Moon Center cycles and why should we as women care about them? Because these cycles have a direct and deep effects on us. Have you noticed that some days you feel strong and powerful and can take on the entire universe and other days someone looks at you cross-eyed and you want to find a bathroom to hide in? Why is that?

The 13th Month: How to Get 29 Extra Days Each Year

Ask yourself: What would make you willing to sleep less? I want you to look at these numbers and see if they inspire you. If you gained two waking hours per day—that is, 14 hours a week, 60 hours a month, and a glorious 728 hours a year, then you gain over a month each year. You will have found a free gift if you take me up on this process. Just think what you could do with that time—one extra month in your life each and every year you do this.


Empower Your Essence (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

First, what is your essence? Do you want to agree on what
that is? Essence is the source of something, the code of what that person, place or thing truly is. Now the only question is, do you want to reconnect with that source code of you? If you are ready to feed the very essence of you then let’s get you the tool kit to do that. Have to have a tool kit.

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