I am Empowered With Calls


BEST KEPT Secret to Empowered you in only 10 min. a day.

At Last Simple Tools you can Trust and Replicate for your Connected, Inspired life.

  1. 22 /90 sec. I am videos Each a separate aspect of your I amness. Ex: I am loved, I am fed, I am supported, I am my legacy
  2. Audio file of daily empowerment tips in my voice. Available to you any time to listen and get back to empowered you
  3. Digital Book, The book chapters and videos are linked. You can use one or both
  4. Workbook within the book that at any moment ask yourself a question and answer it to regain your power, your focus, your joy
  5. Pick a breath or meditation or tip and do it for 10 min./day for 40 days, each day to strengthen an Empowered You
  6. TWO phone sessions with Gurutej – one-on-one!

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