A Special Moon Center Preview

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So glad you are interested in the Moon Centers. This is the place where you can say yes to getting a peek behind the curtain of this amazing sacred science.


Great News! When you decide that you want in on the vast resources of the entire course, $97 will be deducted from the cost of your course. No expiry date on this offer.



This is for you if…


  • you wanted to know more before you take a leap into the full course.


  • you just didn’t have the money even with a payment plan.


  • you are the very cautious one, but curious.


  • you love what you have heard, just need to check it out more.



If you just want a peak…


…here is my Super Special offer.



Week #1


The Video


The Workbook


The digital book, The Moon She Rocks You

11 DVDs, 8-11 minutes each one of the 11 Moon Centers described in all 3 aspects, plus a meditation that I will do with you for each Moon Center



There is only 1 thing left to do.


Say YES.


Right here, right now, just click and enter this sacred world of the Moon Center Secrets.




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