Winter Solstices Workshop


All the Holidays are gathered around this magical time. The Tree brought inside to shed light on the darkest days. The gathering together to honor the visions of the stars that are more visible in the prolonged darkness. The celebrated birth of Christ Consciousness hid inside the folds of this holy day. Join us as the very essence of light is born. Light is best experienced in the deepest darkness. This is the darkest time of the year inviting in the first sparks of light as the cycle starts it’s journey back into light. One of the two most powerful times of the year to join with your community in joyous prayer, meditation, rituals. I await you with open arms and heart. Deep Love and Gratitude Gurutej

Pre-registered price $45 (must be pre-paid) At the Door $54 Healthy, Whole, Happy Treats served afterwards. Healthy Yummy Food and connection time.

$45.00 $35.00