I had one of those last few days that test the soul. Do you really want to know the gory details? Can I just tell you when I got Lisa Zimmeran’s email about what this week was like and the challenges and I had what was predicted in spades. Poor Spades I needed one to bury all the dead bodies. No, not really but it did make my nails curl. First  I was so looking forward to my trip to Montana to be with Keith and meet his Dad most of all and his brothers as well. I was really looking forward to some truly down time in the woods with my love. All my travels and down time  has been dedicated to someone else who has needed my time more than me. Well I will spare you the two day long ordeal lets just say my suitecase made it to Bozeman twice and I didn’t get there at all. Learned some valuable lessons intuition counts more than what things look like. When you have it use it. Then I decided to take the day off  Monday and go to the beach which had not been part of my summer. I wasn’t supposed to be her so why not have a yummy beach day to heal the sadness of not being in Montana. Why because even in Laguna it is cold and overcast till 1pm and the water was a cool 61 degrees. Yes I swam any way but it was short and no face in the water. Tuesday  Shot 3 hours of an upcoming webinar series and lets just say there was a major glitch and lost it all. Then the exploding really, really red marker followed by an internet meltdown which in my case also means no phones either, the only down side of Vonage. Not for an hour but called in at 5:30 am and nothing by noon Wednesday. Called back , Got to love Time Warner, They said they could have someone out between 2-4 pm SATURDAY. Well I went on a tear with them. I told them I would blog about their lack of consumer car. their under staffed repair people and I asked the guy no really I bullied him into admission that they didn’t have enough repair people. They had a guy out Wednesday by the end of the day. Being nice is not always the answer. Be neutral but be effective is. If the situation calls for intimidation use it just don’t be it. Understand the difference. I was brutal but I had nothing against the Customer service man he did what he could but… if I could be pushed to the end of the line he would do that too. I did look into Verizon but they are not in my area or I would have jumped boats yesterday. AT&T or Time Warner is like choosing between the devil and the great torturer. You don’t want to be in bed with either of them. So if you are thinking of Time Warner be warned I call them Timeless Warning.

How did I get over this. SELF CARE. Meditation and meditation and more meditation and got a massage. God was that the best move. I have to say for this week massage trumped  rollerblading at the beach, Trumped my mini swim in super cold water, and lots of yoga with my daughter. We need lot and lots of yoga and meditation this week and next especially so do it. Go to Kundalini Classes they are what is needed in these times. If you can’t then  get my videos they are great assets anyway and do them http://darkhibernation.com/store_dvd_soon.html Really they will serve you well.

I cannot tell you this will not be a stressful time I can only offer antidotes to connect you to you. To feed your essence so you have the inner strength to endure and thrive in these times. One of my students thanked me yesterday for the meditation she is doing. She committed to the 1000 meditation and has made it the rest of her life meditation. She was just saying that through all that was happening this was what held her together. Pick a meditation and do it for 40 days. Get a video and do the meditation on there for 40 days if you don’t know what to do. Bonus note  The Women and intuition DVD had 6 meditations. Let the chaff be taken away from the essence of you. Don’t loose you.

Much love and Blessings may you pass through this eye of the needle and see the vastness as it happens and hold it as you come through. Rebirthed into the essence of you.



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