What do I mean by that? That you accept tools when presented and you are disciplined enough to use the tools you are given, to seek that connected state of being.

Will you be there all the time? No. But you will be there more and more, the more you practice—the more you fall in love with the feeling of connection and empowerment.

My Teacher, Yogi Bhajan, gave us great tools. Not meaning ones we liked all the time, but great tools nonetheless. I remember one time, when, as he put me on the millionth fast, he told me, “You should just drink fluids for the rest of my life.” My response was (not out loud mind you) “WHAT?!”

This one seemed more substantial. It was 120 days of steamed daikon radishes and water. Yep! If you have ever steamed daikons, you know the smell, it is just dreadful! Your whole house reeks of this truly nasty smell. It permeates everything with its noxious odor. Yet eating steamed daikons is like eating water. No taste, little texture, not filling or fulfilling on any level.

Now, remember that I was running a community; not just laying around being taken care of while on these juice, or almost-juice, fasts.

This one got me down to 108lbs in the first 11 days. I now weigh 127 and I’m 5’ 8”, so 108 for me is ready to fly away. I felt weak and floaty, so I called him to ask, “What can I do so I can function?” His secretary, my friend, answered the phone and she said something very funny to me when I told her my situation. She said, “Do you think everyone does what he tells them to do?” I answered a very naïve, “Yes.” She laughed and handed the phone to him. He said, “OK, you are done. Go and eat whatever you want.” I did. I had a small piece of toast and ½ of a banana. Bliss! I’m telling you this because it could have gone another way. He could have said, “You finish those 120 days,” and I would have done that.

So how can you destroy the fear and not be destroyed by it? Even in death can you walk willingly into the next phase or will you fight that till it claims you nonetheless?

Do this meditation, my love. It will help to destroy the obstacles to your embracing a teacher and the teachings that will set your life free.


Challenges and Antidote



Do the meditation for longer than the few repetitions we do together. Do it to destroy the fear or the fear will destroy you. Freedom means connection, not security.

Now come join me for a much more in-depth dive with me into a priceless tool kit. No you won’t have to do a 120-day fast. This is your last chance though, since we start next week so… LEAP!


Fear is funny. It stops you from doing silly things, dangerous things, and often things we really want or are being called to do.

Just so you know I don’t buy the “money” reason. I was able to follow Yogi Bhajan around the world and we had no money at all. It’s called Faith and, yes, Trust.

So, if this is calling to you, please don’t say later ‘cause there really may not be a later. No idea if I’m ever offering this again. I am Inviting you in, my love.


I am with you. Wahe Guru.

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