Gurutej Kaur

For over 50 years, Gurutej has been living her destiny and continues to awaken the spirit of all she touches. Gurutej emerged as a founding prac-titioner of Kundalini. Gurutej is now considered a foremost authority on Kundalini Yoga and internationally recognized as an Awakening teacher.

Through yoga, chanting, meditation, healing, and proven stress and health management systems, she teaches people how to connect to their higher consciousness. As a prolific writer, Gurutej is an author to 3 popular books including: A Slice of the Beloved: Yoga for Relationships, The Moon She Rocks You: Revealing the Secrets of Women’s Inner Emotions, and, The 13th Month: How to Get an Extra 29 Days Each Year.and The Art Of Energy, Your Blueprint for great energy She has also developed transformative powerful online Academy, Empowered Energy Academy., to support and uplift people through her 10 online courses.

Gurutej has the depth, breath, insight, and training to help you with all those issues on love, success, relationships, energy, health, balance, and much more. You can work with Gurutej privately with Her True Success program.

When not traveling the world and teaching, Gurutej can be found at The Blessings Center in Los Angeles.. You can also enjoy her blog or suite of online books, programs, classes or products at gurutej.com.

She was featured on national TV in Bolivia on behalf of women’s rights.

Her website link is gurutej.com.

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Topics for Presentation

Speaker on Women’s True Empowerment and Real Energy

Key Topics May Include:

  • True Success Redefined: Empowered Shifts to Increase Your Now
  • Real Energy: The Source of Your True Happiness. How to drop the energy stealers with ease.
  • The Real Truth About Sleep and How to Get What Your Really Need
  • How to Get an Extra 29 Days Each Year the Effective Way.
  • True Intimacy: Intimacy 101-How to Connect with Everything in Your Life and Experience Joy.
  • Awaken Your Life With the Tool Set You Deserve to Know.
  • From Consciousness to Connection: Sharing the Life Tools I Collected for an Abundant Life.
  • Breaking Down True Empowerment Without You Breaking Down
  • How to Become Your Own Energy Guru

Example of a Talk: Overwhelmed to Inspired

Discover 5 Simple Steps To Go From Turned Off To Connected.

Do you find you feel more and more numb or depressed?

Do you see no way out of your situation of to much to do and not enough energy or passion to do it?

Have you lost hope that things can change?

In my presentation, I will share easy tools and techniques that can be incorporated into your life all day long that will make such an energetic difference You will be blown away. Promise, this is giving people an on the spot experience of the tools I share so they can take them home and incorporate them immediately into their lives.

Learn How To:

  • Change their energetic states with simple 1-3 min. Exercises that can be done by their desk in a car, on the way to the bathroom.
  • Discover the importance of how you go to sleep and how you wake up.
  • Learn Amazing facts that yogis always knew that science is finding true and they will help you.
  • Discover secrets of anti-aging that will make you fearless about the journey.


TV Appearances
British MTV Calum Best Show
Canadian Discovery Channel Sex Makeover
Braveheart Woman TV
Lisa Sasevich’s Stage Jan 2014
Bill Harrison’s Stage 2010(Plus see the TV Interviews below)
Radio ShowsAllana Pratt Intimate Conversations Live 3 times
Co -Creator Radio 4 show different shows
Awakening with Marla Maples Radio show. 4 times
Inner Journey with Greg Friedman Laguna Beach FM KX 93.5

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Participated in as Presenter3HO Solstice Celebration from 1977-2013 taught
Main speaker Conference on Woman and Child Abuse in La Paz Bolivia
Taught the woman of the government in LA Paz Bolivia
Tree of LIfe Diabetes Program taught Yoga, meditation, lifestyle
Satnamfest: Yoga and Meditation festival
Businesses: Toronto General Hospital
University of Toronto
Hamilton High School Los Angeles
Big Buddha Baba Los Angeles
Khalsa McBreaty Accounting Phoenix Az.
Lerner Girls Apparel /Michael Starr Los Angeles
Valley Urgent Care Center Phoenix Az.
Blum and Poe Galleries Los Angeles Ca.

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Couple Sample Interviews

Energy Expert for H.E.L.P.

Mtv’s Totally Calum with Gurutej Clip

BraveHeart Women 1

BraveHeart Women 2

Station PAT and the program is “Casi al Medio”

2nd appearance on Station PAT and the program is “Casi al Medio”

To inquire about Gurutej speaking at your next event, please fill out this brief form here.