female-athlete-runningGod, sometimes we just need to get going on something, right? I am super disciplined and very good at following through so that is not my problem. Mine is the need to really take some down time and just be. If I have something planned, I tend to go with the plan unless I get knocked on my back side. I am getting better at saying this is a quiet hour or day or moment, or even a few days. How about you? Are you better at jumping in or are you an over-thinker and have a hard time just to start trusting? We all have more of one or the other. Which is yours?

We know we get great revelations in the shower, or when exercising or meditating. Actually contemplating when meditating means you are just there, no thoughts. I get great info from all these places. What about you? Knowing this, it seems we could deduce that more of that time would truly empower us to take clear, concise and appropriate action, yes? Yet we tend to have this thing that we have to work more, work harder to prove that we have worth as a hueman being, that we have to work hard just to take up space on this planet. Or we have so many “have tos” in our life that we can’t think of taking downtime even though we are in desperate need of some.

When you have to keep going:

This is for you if you are a goer. You start and just keep going. The Energizer Bunny has nothing on you. You may not feel that peppy but you keep trudging forward for your children, your job, your husband, your partner. Your life is broken on fast forward. You don’t even know what downtime feels like. You feel you have no options but to keep going, or everything will fall apart. I think of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. When she finished 4 years, she had been to like 140 countries and she declared that she was taking 8 weeks totally off. She looked like she needed to sleep for 7 of those weeks. Trust me, as I came back after meditation today and took a nap that was so delicious, I thought of all the nights I went on 3-4 hours of sleep and didn’t get to take that nap because I was running a community and had children and… I didn’t learn this the easy way. But I want to share it with you. Does your life feel like you have no rest option and you just die at the day’s end? I want to wave my majic wand and say, “Here you go, here is an extra hour or two each day.” Oh I can do that. I actually know ways you can stretch time and space by adjusting your current habits. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? Have to say haha. Changing your perceptions and your habits are the hardest thing. That is why we have mentors, coaches and therapists to help us do that and stay accountable. Right? Oh, but how can you have even 30 minutes that can be yours each day? REMEMBER I said you have to change habits. It starts with how you go to bed. Your next day starts with how you go to bed. Not sleep but bed.

Try these 3 simple things. Pssst, I have lots more.

Take a shower or bath to clear the day. Water is a great purifier and magnetic field cleanser. Then run your feet, yes both of them, under cold water or snow which even is easier. Yes, really cold water and towel dry them to warm. This will take all of 3 minutes.

Do something to clear your magnetic field – the people and things that got to you today so you don’t take them to bed with you. This is easy and effective.


Breathe through your left nostril, block off the right nostril which is the one you use all day to get stuff done, and go into your calm receptive mode with left nostril breathing. Sweet dreams and see if you don’t arise more easily. Give it 7-14 days of practice every night and then see.

If you do this, you will need less sleep over time as you take less to bed with you. You will be able to get BETTER quality sleep and will actually need less of it. Thus more time for you. It’s not the quantity of sleep but the quality of sleep that counts.

Next time we will talk about how we can create more downtime, more vast space even during your busy day. This will also rejuvenate you in deep ways all day long. If you like this, there is so much more in my books. Each one of them has different wonderful techniques and we are offering them as a bundle – digital or ones that you can hold and sleep with.

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