Chakra Pillows Bundle


Gurutej’s Chakra Pillows:

Feeling Less than Divine?

Aromatherapy Chakra Pillows are a delicious guilt-free indulgence!

Close Your Eyes, Relax and Inhale. While you simply surrender to the scent, your Chakras – the energy centers of the body – come into beautiful balance. These pretty little pillow are powerful. They can ease anxiety or uplift and energize. The only hard part is picking your first Pillow!

What do you crave more of in your life? Compassion? Creativity? Courage? Clarity? The Pillows help you activate those emotions. The scents and colors are selected to balance specific Chakras:

Add sizzle to your sex life with orange. Indigo will heighten intuition. Speak your mind with blue. Let green open your heart. Not sure which Chakra needs a tune up? Let color be your guide – pick your favorite and you will create a path to healing.

These Pillows are lovingly crafted with locally grown California herbs, packaged in a recycled acrylic box, with a recycled paper card. The natural fiber silk covers feel divine next to your skin, are removable and easy to wash. Use hot or cold.


Enjoy. Let the healing powers of aroma and color seep into your world.

“These pillows are so magical. I brought them into all the Whole Foods Markets so everyone could benefit from them, including my dog who loves them.” ~Alex, Manager, Whole Foods/ Whole Body, Venice, CA

“My white chakra pillow is so soft and cozy! I sleep so soundly with it on and it travels with me. It lets me dive into blissful sleep while my husband lies awake reading in bed.” ~Jody Baker

“I’ve had mine for over three or four years now and it still smells wonderful!” ~Laura K.

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