A Slice of the Beloved, Yoga For Couples


A Slice of the Beloved, Yoga for Couples

A Yogic manual for relationships.

Why another book on relationships? Because Everything in life is about energy and relationships. Having healthy intimate relationships is the basis of true happiness. Learn practical tools to create intimacy, increase communication, and build a divine relationships with your partner.

Why this book? Watch the interviews and read the testimonials they will speak to and for you.

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“This is the book I told her to write for many years and finally she is sharing her wisdom with the world. Read it you will be amazed at how wise it will make you.” ~ Yogi Bhajan Head of Sikh Dharma Western Hemisphere, Founder and head of 3HO Foundation

“Gurutej is a wonderfully vivid and provocative writer in a class of her own. Her book offers a unique journey of experience that will enrich intimacy and quality of love in your life.” ~ Dr. Ava Cadell Founder of Loveology University®

“What a wonderful book!!! I just received it and am treasuring every page! Thank you for your absolute determination in getting it printed!” ~ Jody Baker

“Gurutej was the perfect person to help my husband and I to renew, celebrate and make sacred our 25 years of marriage.” ~ Emily Kaplan – Owner of Hugo’s restaurants and Hugo’s Taco’s

“Your love for all shines out so brightly and fills the space you’re with such light and peace. I so appreciate your ability to step out of yourself and give to others unselfishly. On my journey to reach my fullest potential you have helped me see my fullest potential beyond the fears that stand in my way. I admire your dedication to bringing positive changes to the world and helping others live to their highest potential. This book is an extension of all that wisdom” ~ Marla Maples/ actress/dedicated seeker

Download a sample chapter here.

A Slice of the Beloved, Yoga for Couples Sample Chapter PDF

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$9.95$19.99 Select options

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