Yoga Dvds Bundle


Gurutej’s Yoga Videos Bundle – Now with the Nervous System Class (download version)!

You have asked for this for year now. Here it is ready for you.

Yogi Bhajan asked me, no told me to do these DVD’s years ago. He gave me the content for them. These “sets” are not written down anywhere TILL NOW. So many people have asked me for this content so I had each one transcribed and now you can have all 4 DVD’s

  1. Chakra Yoga
  2. Balancing your Immune System
  3. Mental Clarity
  4. Awakening the intuition for Women
  5. Digital Download Only. Yoga for the Nervous System Class

Men you may wonder what you are going to do with Awakening the intuition. Use it. Teach with it. Share it.

Thank you to Yogi Bhajan for pushing me to get this teaching out there may you have the foresight to utilize these gifts. Wahe Guru to you.

Awaken your Kundalini and infuse your life with more energy! Inside each of these DVD’s Master Teacher Gurutej Kaur will guide you on your way to balanced Chakras, increased Mental Clarity, a stronger Immune System, and becoming more intimately acquainted with your Intuition.

Yoga DVD’s Why are these yoga DVD’s listed among the 10 ten Yoga DVD’s of all times? Because, they really work. They do what they say they will. Yogi Bhajan encouraged me to create DVD’s that would uplift and give people real tools to feel supported in challenging times. As he would say, “Deliver so that you can deliver people unto themselves.” Get the delivery so you can be joyous, clear, intuitive, whole, holy and healthy. You owe it to yourself to invest in your wellbeing.


Digital Yoga Bundle

Want to see a preview? Go to Gurutej’s YouTube preview page.

“I love your work and your DVDs are very inspiring. I am a family physician and love Kundalini yoga”. ~ Irina Feldman

“Wahe Guru, I am Priscilla from Miami I workout to your Dvd’s at least 4 times a week, and you always make me feel loved and special..” ~Priscilla Bagouty

Gurutej has two of the top 10 yoga DVD’s of all time!
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Digital Download Bundle – Includes the Nervous System Class

Digital Yoga Bundle