Yoga for Awakening Intuition in Women


Kundalini Yoga – Awakening Intuition for Women

This series is for all women who wish to rediscover the power of living in an intuitive place and having the support to know how to get back there.

Our intuition is our link to the source of all creativity. Becoming disconnected from this amazing gift can be one of our most devastating losses; Disconnection from our intuition is the loss of the inner voice of our soul. This is why master teacher Gurutej Kaur shares these Kundalini Yoga Techniques given to women by Yogi Bhajan. The lessons in this DVD are presented to you to awaken and maintain that power which is ours and acquire the clarity and strength necessary to live our very full, very complex lives to their fullest.

Gurutej delivers these supportive exercises, breathing tips and mantras with a depth that can inspire you to live in this intuitive state. This DVD also includes a bonus section with food and meditation tips.

“What is intuition? Intuition is a relationship. Intuition is the recording of a vibratory unit in relation to your existence, that’s all.” — Yogi Bhajan

Program Highlights
  • Featuring the music of Snatam Kaur, Sat Kartar Kaur, Gurudass Kaur.
  • Beautiful visuals that will draw you into the depth of the meditations.
  • Feeling of being in a class with other women supporting you on this journey.
  • Tips you can practice all day to reconnect with the essence of you.
  • Deep and wonderful breathing techniques you can share with your friends.

“Awakening Intuition for Women with Kundalini Yoga by Gurutej – Gurutej Kaur teaches all women the Kundalini yoga techniques to redefine the power of intuitive living by yogi bhajans. You can acquire the knowledge and strength by practicing the yoga poses demonstrated in this DVD. ”
~From the top ten yoga DVD’s of all time

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