Yoga for the Immune System


Kundalini Yoga for the Immune System

In this series of 15 powerful exercises, Kundalini Master, Gurutej Kaur shows you the movements, breath work and meditations to relax your mind, strengthen your physical body and rejuvenate your lymphatic system thus elevating the vitality and function of your immune system.

Amazingly, your immune system is constantly learning and adapting to the environment to keep you strong. And you know how compromising atmospheric pollution, mental and physical stresses as well as seasonal changes are to your immune system.

A healthy immune system consists of three parts working together—the lymphatic system, the glandular system and the magnetic field that surrounds the body. Learn with this program how to keep all these vital centers strong with a complete daily practice you can do anytime, anywhere.

Do understand that we only do not know one thing—how to manage our own energy.” — Yogi Bhajan

Program Highlights
  • Learn the “Thymus Thump,” an immediate immunity booster.
  • Breathing techniques to control your emotions.
  • Discover the Moving Twist exercise to massage and strengthen your internal organs.
  • Pumping Exercises and breath work to clear your lymphatic system.
  • Exercises that work with the heart and thymus to increase compassion and release fear.

Siobhan Russell
Subject: Yoga for the Immune System
Your dvd helped me really alot. I was always getting sick even with practicing hatha vinyasa yoga. In the past year my immune system has been the best it has ever been! Thank you!