Can you hear the divine saying, “Thank you, Thank you.  So happy you are playing with me today. I have been awaiting you and your playful nature.” If you haven’t heard this recently then I suggest you try it right now. Go after God as the trickster seeking that playful nature. It’s a chase are you up for it?

If God wanted to be easily seen don’t you think that could be arranged? God wants you to come out and play. She/He want to see that you are ready to engage in a little rough housing. That you can take spills and get up laughing. When you show this nature to the Divine you get the best treat of all. Revelation. You will start passing entire planets every time you laugh. You will start having intimate relationships with the wind, with the tears that roll down your face, with the words stuck in your throat.

Intimate means anything goes. The gloves are off and the startling white lite savers are flashing around you. Dragon breath makes everyone who is alive laugh. Do it. Be willing to be the clown of God. Be the trickster. Trick people into believing in themselves. Trick people into seeing their vastness. Trick people into seeing that we are one. A trickster with a purpose is the yoga of life. In every relationship  laughter is the majic ingredient. Sprinkle it all over yourself and all others.

A Slice of the Beloved give you tips and tools to use the trickster to serve. Oh you will enjoy being more related to you and then expanding out and seeing the you everywhere. Like the mirrored walls of one Krishan Temple in new Delhi India. Be Krishna, Be Guru Ram Das, Be YOU everywhere. See the God being everywhere you look. Then tease Him/Her.  That who Yogi Bhajan called that Divine HeSheiT. Say it together are you laughing yet.

Check out The Slice of the beloved. Free chapter and get the real deal so you can hold it in your hands it is elegant and ever so delightfully erotically God.