flowThis is the mantra for the astrology of now. Be in the flow. How hard is that to do anytime but it’s even more challenging during the holidays. Yet is this a state you want? If yes, continue on.

Recently I got to attend a memorial of a very dear soul, Carol Ann Suzi. I only use her name because she would want that. She was a fireball of energy, life and joy. She loved to create and serve food, feed others, and take care of people. But most of all, she brought her personal, signature, raucous brand of heartfelt joy to the party we call life. She was not afraid of mixing the F word with the L words. Spice is important in life and she knew that. Refuse to live a life turned off or toned down. Live your brand of being in the flow.

Why am I telling you this for my Thanksgiving connection? Because the more awake and alive you are willing to become, the more fully you will embrace the divine gratitude that is the gift of this life. This sounds so easy but we all know it is not. To be truly and absolutely you in all your grace and fire and light and spit and hope and clawing. The willingness to be greatful for what is in front of you and dive into that flow instead of resisting it.

You will have more patience because you won’t expect everyone to live the way you think they should.

You will be able to be kind and wild when people are not.

You will laugh things off because you can see the wounds of others clearly and not take them personally.

You will not feel overwhelmed because you know we are here for something so much bigger than it seems in our everyday lives.

I could go on and on but the beauty of saying yes to your life right now is priceless. It will bring you the truest form of “greatitude” and not the kind saved for Thanksgiving Day only. The one thing that came up over and over again about Carol Ann was that no matter what life dropped in her lap, she remained happy and positive. Even if it meant selling Tupperware to make ends meet. She had Tupperware parties to end all Tupperware parties. She wasn’t always the wondrous heartfelt bossy voice of Mrs. Wolowitz on The Big Bang Theory. So what are you going to do today and the next today to embrace the vast gift of your life?

The holidays are always marvelous and always challenging. Look at your challenges and see if you don’t deserve some support in changing the way you go through your holidays so you can claim the Holy from them. If you want some support try this http://gurutejsessions.com/holiday-harmony/. It can support you each and every day in a simple and timely way.

Here is our Holiday Harmony call recording that you may listen to.


Trust and then jump in. I will be with you each day. http://gurutejsessions.com/holiday-harmony/


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