Today I got to host an IRS Agent in my home/studio. He wanted to prove that I was lying to the IRS but he could see that I was not so his last question to me was very unorthodox. After divulging that meditated he asked. Are you trying for Liberation? I said, “No” Which shocked him. I then said, ” God doesn’t want to be hunted down. He/She has not gone anywhere only our consciousness screens that vastness out. I want to experience the vastness in each and every moment.” Awaken to what is. Awaken, Rise up within yourself and see the unseen. Then it will become known and revel itself to you. Then happiness will be your state instead of anxiety.

It really boils down to what you want and how much you want it. Can you stop for one moment and just take stock?  Not what you are told to want or what society thinks is valuable but what do you consider the most valuable jewel in your life?   Do a simple sipping breath like you have straw in your mouth and drink in your own deliciousness. Knowing what really drives you from the soul out will give you angle feet on the ground. This will build your compassion with others but most of all with yourself.

Get passionate. Get people who are courageous, visionary’s and have vast fortitude to build with you. Utilizing the  group energy is where it is truly at now. This is not a conquer it alone. But create it for all to become one.

1. Have your fearless vision

2. Make it juicy and alive or alove which is what I first typed

3. Create your team (attract your team)

4. Be willing to laugh through the odds and the evens that will surly present themselves.

5. Dharma is the journey of the soul in the action of the life. Be patient and preserver. Wahe Guru


Blessings and love to you.