Gurutej's Grandson Gobind - Homemade Halloween CostumeMy grandson is a full on character, as you can see in this picture.

So, one day, while I was last with him, he looked at me and stated, very calmly and with lots of authority (he’s 7), “Today, you belong to me. No one else exists.”

I laughed and agreed. I loved the brazen truth of what he was feeling. I loved:

That this was a very ballsy thing to say to anyone, especially to me.
That he voiced what so many of us have wanted to say about something, someone, or some place.
This took some amazing deductive reasoning, and for that I honored his request.

That day, I was his. I would do what he wanted. His demands were simple. “Play with me and tickle me.” Most people who are ticklish don’t really want to be tickled. Not true of Gobind. He is up for it any time, any place, and the more the merrier. He stuck to his demands and didn’t ask more or less of me.

Now this was his idea, but his sister, Vayla, saw what a good idea it was and the next day decided it was her turn to “own me.” It started out with me drying my hair on a hike and her using my hair as a rein, since I was assigned to be her horse. She, too, is very creative but with a streak of bizarre and, yes, is a little mean. I played endless hours of dinosaurs with her when she was one year old and the dinosaurs always landed in dinosaur jail. I always got them out but she always got them back in within seconds – no reprieve for the bad dinosaurs. So many more examples of her loving, mean streak; she is wild, creative and, yes, a little dark.

Gobind is a 10, and if you don’t know what that means, it means that it is absolute, with not a lot of leeway to listen to others. He knows how things need to be done and will do all in his power to make it happen that way. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body but he is amazingly determined. They adore each other. Gobind considers Vayla his most loved person. Vayla loves him, but to her, he is her annoying little brother whom she would like to have to go away when she is finished with him. She has this thing about fair and not fair, and she whines about it. Gobind just does something about it and is willing to deal with the consequences. They are quite the team. She is melancholy, while he a perfect sanguine/choleric, and they are interesting together. They bring each other into their own worlds. They fight about the worlds, they both want to be in charge, but their reactions to things that don’t happen the way they want them to is light years apart. They both own their worlds and are generous in inviting the other in until… then it blows.

What does your world look like right now? What would you like to borrow from a friend of yours that you don’t feel you don’t have enough of? A friend said to me the other day, “I wish I had her sense of humor.” The person who said this is a loving mamma to all, a creative artist, a successful business woman, a great friend and laughs easily, but she does not have the sharp cutting wit of her friend.

How happy are you this close to All Hallows eve? Not that you can’t grow more, but how happy are you with the baseline you? That is the place where you say, “Good Job, God,” about you. and invite them into unbreakable. If you Want to Own you then click here and say yes to you

Seems a good time to find out what you want to “Own” that you don’t currently own, what you wished you had more of or less of in your life.

Love you Wahe Guru


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