Chaos To Clarity Program

From Chaos to Clarity

Chaos is something we have all visited.

The days that nothing sees to come together, your lose and spill and give people wrong numbers and… But living in this state of not feeling like you can get the things you really want or need to get done completed or often even started.

This is for you if….

  • You wonder if what people say about you being unorganized or worse is true.
  • You’re not sure you could ever feel clear, connected, confident.
  • You feel disconnected from, well almost everything including you.
  • You feel like you can’t get your gifts out into the world effectively.
  • You sometimes feel that your whole life is a mess or at least messy.

Giving up the knowing no matter how bad for the unknown is scary. But how scary would it be to get to the end of your time here and say I didn’t do what I was meant to do? I didn’t live my Divine, Clear, Connected life.

Leaving behind the dysfunctional habits that own you is not easy but you will have support and accountability to do just that.

This program is for you if…..

  • You have reached your end of living this way.
  • You are willing to do whatever it takes to make a shift to have a real connectedly clear life.
  • Your desire for a change is so big you are willing to show up and do the work now. Now, Not sometime in the forever later.
  • You are ready to have your hope activated to make this shift in your life.
  • You want what you Say You Want in life to line up with what you truly want.

This program will help you find out how you work best. What mantras to leave behind because they have kept you in a chaotic state. Embrace tools and techniques that will give you clarity and keep you in a clear connected state.

Introducing: From Chaos to Clarity.

Get Reorganized, Rejuvenated, Reclaim your Clarity with Gurutej’s Proven Success Techniques and Tactics that will deliver your True Life Success.

What you will receive…..

  • 6 – One on One 30 min.private sessions with Gurutej to plan, create and activate your essential life plan.
  • An MP3 recording for each call.
  • Worksheet for 6 week 40 day plan to implement your plan.
  • Bonus never before released vegetarian cook book with great easy tested recipes. ($19.95)
  • Bonus 6 MP3 files to Get your skinny (essence)back with 5 amazing women audio interviews value ($97)

Bonus 2 Flip Charts

1. Rejuvenation – Get 18, 1-3 min. Exercises For Rejuvenation in the moment at your desk, in the car, bathroom, on a walk. $10
2. Release – Get 18, 1-3 min Exercises For Release and Clarity in the moment done almost anywhere. $10

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