Overwhelm to Inspired


Definition : Bury or drown beneath a huge mass.
Synonyms : swamp, submerge, engulf, bury, deluge, flood, inundate , defeat completely

We all know what overwhelm looks and feels like. Not fun.
But if you are living there all the time, it is robing you of your life.
Sucking the life out of you. Your real life.

First, this program is for you if …

  • You Wonder…
    What The Heck Is Your Life Really About?
    “ Can this really be all there is?”
  • You Have No Time Nor Space For You.
  • You Feel Disconnected From Yourself and Often Your Life.
    You Are Just Going Through The Motions.
  • You Made Money So You Could Have More Time But Now … There Is No Time.
  • You Feel On Call 24/7 Because Of… Job, Children, Parents, Health.

It takes us getting really fed up to activate the deep desire it takes to make changes. So is this desire awake in you? Are you done with having not enough, money, time, love, connection, health? If the answer is yes a truly resounding YES then you can keep going.

You have to have what I call the Big “D”
The Deep Desire to shift into your more Divine Self to be able to make the shift.

This program is for you if…

  • You can’t keep going the way you are with your life there is no future.
  • You are so done with overwhelm and overload you will do what it takes to shift out of that state. Short of selling your children, or quitting your life completely.
  • You hold hope that there is a way you can make some impact-full changes that will shift your state.
  • You are committed to having the real “more”. More peace of mind, more connection to yourself and others, more allowing, more willingness, more intuition.

This program Will help you shift and not add tons more to your to do list. It will change your to do list, Your priorities, Your experience of your life, Your feeling that you see no way out except to run away.
This program will give you the support and the accountability you crave to make the shift from Overwhelmed to Connected and Inspired.

Here is how this program will be delivered.

The Overwhelm to Inspired Program

Are you finally ready to Claim your Truly Successful Life?
Introducing: Overwhelmed to Invincible Program: Get upleveled. Trade in overwhelm for your radiantly connected life with Gurutej’s Proven Techniques and Tactics that will deliver you into True success experience.

What You will receive …..

  • 10 One on One Private 30 min. Sessions with Gurutej to create, activate and maintain your own personal life blueprint. Your Essence Activator plan that will help you track your desire to woman-festation.
  • MP3 audio recordings for each call.
  • Exclusive personal worksheet after each call to keep you dedicated to activating your desires.
  • Bonus 5 relevant personally chosen videos that will be specifically targeted to supporting you in your leap (Priceless and personal).
  • Bonus 10 interviews with Super Successful people such as Steve Harrison, Kathleen Gage and 8 more on how they maintain and get back to the empowered essence of their lives. Not been released yet. (Will sell for $297+ when released).
  • Bonus a never been released Cookbook to support your health Value ($19.95)
  • Bonus 2 Flip Charts
    1. 18 1-3 min. Exercises For Rejuvenation
    in the moment at your desk, in the car, bathroom, on a walk. $10

    2. 18 1-3 min Exercises For Release and Clarity
    in the moment done almost anywhere. $10 Sent to your home.

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