This is your time with Gurutej to look at one situation in your current life that is causing you pain. She will help you see possible solutions and give you tools to create an upgraded reality.

I was in a place where I wanted to re-align my energy and start living from my fullest potential, realizing that life itself is short and precious.

Initially, I was uncertain if such a change was possible within the six months of counseling I did with Gurutej, but I immediately started to feel a shift in my energy and gained back my life joy.

Gurutej is a blessing to work with, and she carries the gift of inspiring others effortlessly; it was truly magnetic to work with her, and she was always available for any in-between session advice.

Apart from feeling an instant shift, my life actually did turn around in these few months – from career and love life to finding my first dream home project to embark on! Gurutej supported me in activating my authentic potential. I am very grateful and would happily recommend her to anyone! I will always reach out to her when reaching a funk or whenever I feel like I need to recharge my batteries.

Life is not linear, and Gurutej, luckily, will always be a valuable, cherished source of support and lightness.

Kiki, WK



I created True Success mentoring because I see so many people driven by “success,” and the idea of success being sold isn’t even your idea of success.

My Gift supports you to unveil and achieve your idea of success, giving you great life tools and habits that will serve you long after working together that your TRUE SUCCESS creates empowered sustainability for you.

Choose True Success when:


You’re having a difficult time letting go of someone who’s not good for you, whether that’s an intimate partner or not

You’re experiencing a shift in your life, whether that’s leaving a job or a relationship, and you need tools to help you not only survive these shifts but embrace them so you can move forward with clarity and joy
Overwhelm is the norm for you in your business or at your job. You want methods to help you handle it all gracefully so you can attract prosperity with ease
You know that in order for you to grow, you need to drop limiting patterns and beliefs

You wish your partner understood you better and you seek ways to enable that 

You’re carrying around old anger from the past and you want to free yourself of it. You want your internal dialogue to be kinder, more understanding, and more patient with yourself
You’re overworked and stiff, and you want to move your body in joy again, without self-criticism

You want to prioritize your mental, physical, spiritual health yet other commitments challenge this deep desire. 


Because, until you address the factors that are draining your energy, things aren’t going to get better. Until you learn how to pull your own energy back so that you’re not just giving all of it away, your life isn’t going to match up to the one you deserve.

Gurutej was a great support in my life when I was struggling to find my truth. She guided me with Love and understanding. She is compassionate and sees everything from a neutral perspective. She was able to give me that, to look at life with ease and with neutrality. She has a beautiful gift of listening and I am grateful for her guidance.

NamShakti Kaur,

When I first saw the Turban and the spiritual teacher thing I was a little put off but in working with Gurutej these last few months I had a very different experience. She was so there in my court with me. She got me on the right track connecting to me and helped me attract the loving relationship I longed for. I had never had a relationship for more than a few months previous to working with Gurutej. I so recommend working with her.

Dr. Jody Stanislaw, N.D., C.D.E.

Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Diabetes Educator

My experience of healing from death and grieving with Gurutej was truly remarkable. Her mission is supportive in moving you toward a life you truly love. She served me in so many ways by giving me tools to work with, listening intently and providing practical feedback. Thank you Gurutej for your guidance, depth of insight, clarity and compassion. Love and gratitude.

Joanne Kempel

Insurance Underwriter


While everything is certainly functional, the demands on your time — by your relationship, by your kids, by your job — have been adding up and there’s just no end in sight. 

If only you could have someone 100% in your corner. Someone who doesn’t see you
as your role or need anything from you. Someone who holds space for you to just be
seen and heard as YOU, as you…



This program will help you Understand, Clarify and Empower the areas you need to create more effective relationships with. These are some areas that may speak to your needs…. There is much more.


Examine the qualities you really want in your relationship


Release the people who aren't supporting you


Learn how to support yourself before you support anyone else


Navigate the ups and downs of running your own business


Resist overwhelm and work towards balance between your work and family life


Break patterns you've been repeating that hold you back


Find out how to have your food truly support you


you’re trying to get the kids to bed

while simultaneously listening to your partner…

and you also know you need to get back to that one client before you can go to bed yourself…

you can’t help but hear, in the back of your mind, a voice saying…

It wasn’t supposed to feel like this.
It never occurred to you that your life would be like this. That you would have so many people to tend to, and you’d be so overwhelmed all the time, and so snappy. Feeling like this can’t be healthy, can it?

But it’s not that you don’t like your life. No, you’ve worked hard to get to this point and you wouldn’t trade in your family or your career for the world.

When you think about it, the real problem is this: You’re filling up everyone else’s cup before you fill your own. Because you were never taught to prioritize your own needs.

You were never taught to feed yourself before you feed everyone else.

To take care of yourself first.

And though your day-to-day works all right, the fatigue has been building up and it’s transformed into resentment on more than one occasion.

And it’s about time you broke away from this “just barely surviving by the skin of my teeth” lifestyle because you’re smart enough to know that it’s just not sustainable long-term.


So you’ve tried to commit to a healthier, more soul-fueling lifestyle by taking two paths, but neither’s really worked…


Path 1: You've tried to make a lifestyle change yourself.

You’ve heard that people who exercise regularly have more energy and you have the impression that being vegan makes you a happier person. So you’ve tried to implement these things but…

…you’ve learned that without support and accountability, your best intentions go out the window.

You hit “snooze” when you meant to get up for that early morning jog — because what difference does it make to anyone if you don’t go?

And you valiantly tried to do the vegan thing for a week but caved after a few days. It’s just so hard to cut off meat and diary. What do vegans even eat?

To cap it all off, all this left you feeling even crankier.


You’ve realized that the truth is, without support, there’s a very small percentage of people who can make such big adjustments on their own.


So you tried Path 2: You went to therapy...but it wasn't the right solution for you

It’s not that therapy isn’t good. It just didn’t work for your situation.

It really felt like a lot of talking, and you weren’t sure how long you had to be in it or if it would even work.

It was hard to face the endless nature of it and it didn’t help that your partner didn’t want to come — I mean, if you’re working through your relationship, you both need to go, don’t you?


So the challenge remains, you’re looking for someone who:


Understands that you’re smart and can handle your life but you just need a space to work on a few adjustments that would make it so much better

Gives you proven and easy-to-use tools uniquely for your situation — no YouTube exercises you can’t handle or diets that just don’t suit you
Sees your potential to go from just surviving life to enjoying it, and can take you there


True Success

True Success is the program for intelligent, accomplished women like you to go from barely surviving your day-to-day to completely owning it and thriving

You may know how to take care of everyone else, but it’s about time you took care of YOURSELF. 

You DESERVE a life where YOU set your day-to-day rather than being knocked around by everyone else’s schedules. It is possible.

You deserve mornings where you actually have enough time to wake up, stretch, and eat a healthy meal before all the running around starts. 

You deserve a career that gives you as much energy as you put into it.

And you deserve evenings where you’re actually connecting with your partner. 

Because life isn’t meant to be lived in “just barely surviving” mode.

Because you didn’t work this hard just to give all of your energy and your joy to everyone else till the well runs dry..


Over five decades, I’ve developed a toolkit that has helped me overcome my life’s challenges (believe me, like you, there are times when I haven’t had it easy).

My toolkit is informed by the 50+ years I spent maintaining a spiritual practice, 15 of which were spent running a spiritual community. It also draws from my experience as a certified Level 1 and Level 2 Kundalini yoga trainer, certified coach, and as a Sikh Dharma minister.

In my True Success Program, I give each client a customized toolkit of their own so that they can harness their energy to create the life they deserve.



Meditations to help you reset in un-ideal situations that you can do them anywhere, whether that’s in the bathroom at work or at home


1-3 min energizing techniques you can use during the day to help you redirect and shift your energy so you come back to feeling connected and clear



Evidence-based information about nutrition, physical healthy, and changing diets — I keep up to date with all the research



Books I’ve written on energy that I’ll share with you



Simple rituals to help you change energy or pull energy back from a situation that doesn’t work


I’ve taught these tools all over the world, from women in the Bolivian government to folks at the Toronto General Hospital and the University of Toronto. I’ve also worked with many celebrities, businesses and CEOs in the LA area and beyond

Whatever you want to do in life, Gurutej can help you achieve it.  As a coach, she combines an extraordinary understanding of the human condition, the nature of business, the essence of relationships, the juice of joy, the secrets of creativity, and the whys and wherefores of peak health—all of which generates a deep well of pure energy for her and for her clients.

Her knowledge and ability extends far beyond most teachers and coaches I’ve known—combining as it does ancient wisdom, impeccable language, unparalleled experience, and deep listening with a commitment to helping others, curiosity, flexibility and her own disciplined, yoga daily practice.

Gurutej coached me for two years through a time of personal struggle, turmoil and self-doubt. From her, I learned to value myself, trust my instincts, listen to my heart, and know that the best was yet to come. I am forever grateful.

Stephen Powers

Grammy-Winning Record Producer, Former CEO of Agape Media and Bodhi Tree, and Co-Founder of Wisdome.LA

And I’ve trained people all over the world in achieving and maintaining more conscious, connected joyous lifestyles.

But you don’t just get my toolkit when you work with .

But you don’t just get my toolkit when you work with me.

Here’s the thing, I understand that we are all energetic beings, and as such, we can change our energetic states. And when we change our energetic states, we’re able to see out of the tunnel vision we’re normally in and see clearly into other options.

Because, even if it doesn’t feel like it, we all have blank pages. You may feel like things aren’t happening for you right now in your relationship, your work, or another part of life.

But the magic of my toolkit, combined with my ability to see those blank pages for you, is that we navigate together how you can go from where you are to the place you want to be.

Put it another way, when you’re navigating your life and your problems alone, it’s like you’re in a dark room that’s only lit by a few candles. I can come in and turn all the lights on for you so that you can see ALL your options.


Because the problem isn’t being short of resources. The problem is finding the right person for you. The person who understands that you’re intelligent and you’ve worked hard to achieve the life you have. You just need a little bit of guidance and that would make everything else SOOO much better.

Because, why shouldn’t you have it all?

You deserve it.

And I can help you get it.


Don’t just take it from me, see what my clients have to say…

I began working with Gurutej through the True Success program when going through my father’s death and some very challenging life transitions. Gurutej has an ability to deliver clarity and truth in a digestible and empowering way. The depth of her intuition and subtle presence from afar was the soothing my soul needed. I can’t thank her enough for being there and in such a helpful and loving way during some of life’s most challenging moments.

- Jessica Brazil, LCSW

Founder/CEO , Mindful Living Group

I have been working with Gurutej and her True Success Program one on one for the past 10 months. When I came to Gurutej, I was repeating the same cycles over and over. With her support and accountability, she helped me find answers, and most importantly that I have the answers within myself! I have experienced a positive change in the way I am responding with people in every type of relationship in my life, including myself.

Aliya Small

Operations Manager, Sunburst Construction

Gurutej and her True Success program has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life, words can’t express my gratitude to her. Her timeless wisdom and guidance, combined with practical assignments, helped me climb out despair, conquer my fear and get out of bed every morning. Gurutej kept me in check & did not let me deviate & dive into an abyss of darkness, always holding a space for me. I needed her ‘tough love’ in order to get back on my feet and pursue my life’s purpose. I learned so many invaluable tools from this amazing woman, tools I still use every day. Most importantly, she taught me how to redirect & shift my energy and come back to balance.

Today, I am proud to say that I was able to make one of the most significant shifts of my life – I moved to sunny California, got my dream job and working on developing a platform to help heal others. I am so grateful to have had the honor and the privilege of meeting Gurutej & working with her. The world is a better place because of mentors like Gurutej. There are no co-incidences, just synchronicities in this world and if you need life coaching, Gurutej is the one!


Software Developer, Manager, Amazon


In my True Success program, I hold a vision of my clients’ energy and empowerment that they step into

But the only way to find out if True Success will work for you is to try me out

Because here’s the best part…

Your first call with me is free.


Reach out to me with what’s on your mind.



Hold space for you to show up fully as yourself


Strive to understand and honor the complexities of your unique situation


If appropriate, I'll offer a technique you can use to help you


It’s to help you feel better.

To send you a little bit more energy.

To honor the fact that you’re doing something for yourself, rather than anyone else.

Prioritize Yourself.

Life is short

I know your life’s too short for you to bleed your energy all over the place

So your first call’s on me

Don’t wait any longer to prioritize yourself.

Energy Creation Systems | Gurutej