Life is so amazing is it not? I just got back from CEO Space check out . A place where entrepreneurs get to come for training, support, talent shopping, co-creation. Truly a great brain child of a group of men and is now in the hands of Berny Dohrmann. This is the new model of business where giving is first and receiving comes into play as you do so. So wonderful to see all these talented people serving each other. Inspiring. My favorite line was these two college men saying, “What is so cool is all these people take us seriously and are giving us all this advice so we can succeed. Out in the other (business) world this would not be happening.

It was an Ahhh! At one point I really didn’t want to be even be speaking anymore about what I do I am looking forward to the time that we can move into the realm of knowing and intuiting what the other needs and just giving it to them. Moving in that direction I know.

Today upon my return I needed to take my car in because it was making some very weird noise sometimes when I braked and sometimes when I stepped on the gas. Of course this morning it would not preform badly for my mechanic . My car loves my mechanic and usually would rather be with him than me. I do not take it personally so I was very surprised today that it just said no I’m okay but it needed a new front light and when they opened the hood and looked it … horrified. Leaves and funk and dirty engine parts so I went to my favorite Armenian car wash and bargained for a detail. You can bargain now as we have moved into 3rd world status. It’s fun. I got $100 off. Deal right.

The real deal was my ride back home and then back to the car wash. My Armenian Driver was my reminder of our grace and what we really have that we so take for granted . First we spoke of why our city being the amazing place it is and we are so deeply left turn signal challenged. He was saying how many many accidents he has witnessed with people  trying to do a left turn at the intersection where the car wash is with no left turn signal. So simple and yet we have no money to fix this situation right now. Then we spoke of true poverty. Where he grew up they had 1 hr /day of electricity and you hauled water for baths and heated it and tried to study in that hour and cook and and and . He said he went to college studying by candlelight and then came here and knew no English so worked as a dishwasher for 7 years 7 days/week.

We forget how blessed we are. I got good doses of this in India and when I visited my daughter in Honduras in the mountain town where she was. In the winter and she and the rest of the town had NO hot water. Cold showers were it. And we think of cold showers as punishment yet they are really much better for us. Clear your lymph especially around your breasts with cold water daily and share this with friends. It flushes toxins out thus cold dips in spas. Do it!!! We can at least come out into warm houses not so in so many places. Come out and help all women create another level of breast care. Do this and share it.



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