What if we thought about our challenges as wonderful things that were coming to us to be recycled and reused? Really, if we could see them as little characters for our next book, play, comic book, painting, that were so odd and incredible that we could scare or save the world from them? What if we choose to use these pains and weirdnesses,  hurts, and separations to play with the world. To take our crazies and make a fabulous cream pie out of it all.

There are people who have been extremely successful doing just this. Woody Allen comes to mind and many more. It’s not original only bringing it to you on a tray and serving it up as your dinner. You could use this technique to turn that which we curse into that which we honor.

Look at all the mystics they were and are a raging band of weirdness. They don’t play by the rules. They don’t care about the rules. They play by their own inner rules. Yes, they have been killed for this way of thinking but we are choosing a slow, excruciating death by following the rules. Get out of your own way and follow the rules that will set you free. Be answerable to your soul first and foremost.

Funny at my father’s funeral service one of my sisters did all the Catholic prayers and we all went along though most of us were no longer Catholic including my father for quite some time. Yet when I chanted Akal (which means undying)and to anyone and everyone to join in that was too weird for most. It is all a prayer join in all prayers and let the essence of it shake you down. Climb inside of it don’t just do it by rote.

Chant loudly everywhere. Utilize it.

Wahe Guru love to you


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