Time to Wake UpWaking Up and Claiming Your True Power

We are waking up to the facts that children need love and affection but they also need guidelines and discipline. They need to be heard and they also need to hear. We can’t understand child labor, but there was a time when we had that in our society. Work for children is not bad, it is necessary. Having your child to participate in the running of the home and school is a very good idea. Having them run it is not.

We are waking up to the fact that we don’t know how to have relationships. We don’t know how to play with life no matter what is dealt. We don’t know how to truly love and act from that state of innocence, for it makes us feel too vulnerable.

What we can know is how to connect with and feed the deepest part of ourselves. This is the part that will make us fearless enough to look past our own lives and see the global life; to see how we can be part of the creation of the next phase of life on earth and beyond. You are creative. Who knows what you can come up with? You might find the solution to one of the biggest problems facing “huemankind.”

I saw something about this man who was headed to medical school but his kid sister died of a heart problem. This prompted him to quit school and he invented a new heart valve so no one else would die of this disease unnecessarily. He then invented other things and opened businesses and became a billionaire. I’m saying that you are truly important in the scope of all that is shifting. Do what it takes to be connected to the vastness of you.

When you want to whine, do it for one minute; not an hour, or a day, or your lifetime. Look at what you got from that situation or realization. How can you turn that into gold? How can you use that as fodder for amazing things? You can do none of these great things without a neutral mind. Here are two things I love that can bring you back to the far-reaching vision of your neutral mind.

Meditation to Bring You Back to Neutrality

Bring the tips of your fingers together barely touching and right in front of your heart. Inhale (whispering Wahe Guru) and exhale (also whispering Wahe Guru). Do this as slowly as you possibly can (with both eyes focused on the 3rd eye). Do this for 3-11 minutes. You will have such a calm and clarity when you finish. This is what allows you to see from the mountaintop of your heart miles and miles in all directions.

To become empowered…

Another easy exercise tool is to take the tip of your tongue between your teeth (not biting, just resting the teeth on the tongue) and breath through the sides of the mouth. You can do this almost anywhere to regain your calm, your deep power.

At times, it may seem like you need to be doing these all day long. So do it. Get my Kundalini Yoga Flipcharts and use them. They can help you regain your neutral mind in record time.

Let me know your biggest challenge. I will connect back with you with tools and tips.

Love to you. Wahe Guru.

Gurutej Khalsa

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