I was just in Oregon visiting my Son, daughter in luv and grandchildren. Amazing seeing what living on the land and off the grid really means. I have back yard vegetable gardens in Los Angeles but this is alternate power systems, no Internet connection, septic systems, The capacity to build your own structures. One of his friends install solar systems, another has 60 acres off the grid and they are building a straw bail house together, my son and Rick.

I loved seeing how when children are freaking out how fast they calm down when they are outside. A concept we often forget in the cities. The kenesthetics of experienceing something much bigger than you bring vastness to the experiencer are well.

One morning both children age 2 and 5 were having melt downs. Just getting them dressed and out the door without wanting to annihilate them was amazing. Once outside it was majic. My grandson lost no time and slaying monsters and my grand daughter was happy to hold my hand and run for the gate that would take us to the lake. Ahhh so simple.

We often forget that simple is often the best answer. What simple things can you do to relieve your stress? What simple things do you do? If you can’t get outside can you breathe? I keep my yoga mat by my desk and just go inverted often during the day. Oh and let me tell you my grandson was most impressed by my headstand variations. I became uber cool within seconds.

Try this for just regaining the spaciousness of brain and mind. Get the fluids moving so your brain can be awash with the liquids that keep it juicy.

Taking a walk outside is often best and when that is not possible a walk back into you is priceless. Regaining the power of you. Letting go of what stresses us gives us back us. We usually say our balance but it isn’t our balance it is really our empowered selves. Getting back to clear non reactive you. So try this and let me know what happens.


This one helps your release the crazies try it now so you have it when stressed.

The “do you want your skinny back” ebook is just now coming. I will let you knwo the minute I can release it.



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