Ahhh. Breathe. Deeply take in the depth of life. For some, after a long winter, it’s the sign of hope.

Funny that all the spring Holy days, regardless of what religion or faith, are about death and rebirth—not just rebirth. That is why I asked the question: “What do you need to be rebirthed from?”

What is creating a death in you?

What is killing you? Isn’t this what we say—that “this person or situation is killing me,” meaning stealing your energy, your hope, your clarity, and, sometimes, your soul?

So, the opposite of being killed is willingly giving your life. That is what the “Whole” beings did in each and every spiritual death journey. They gave themselves to death for a greater purpose.

What are you willing to die for? I heard George Clooney say that after he met Amal. He realized that he was willing to die for her. Her life was more important than his own. And you?

Until you are willing to die to your past, you can’t have a different, improved, up-leveled present.

What is holding you captive? The thoughts? The beliefs? The things you can’t give up?











C’mon, list them. If you don’t, they will continue to haunt and own you. You may have more than 10 or less but usually not less. If you need support with this, please sign up for a free session with me to get clarity. This is important love.

Tratak Dhyan meditation


Get clarity on what is holding you captive and the possibility of a vibrant rebirth.

What you want to be reborn into is a great question, but not one that holds any power till you know what you GET to die to. It is what holds you captive in habits and patterns that are killing you. Food? Exercise (or lack of it) Anxiety? Depression? Fears? Jealousy? Wishing for another life?

I can only encourage you to use this time and to use this energy to look in at the hauntings of the past that own you.

It’s not easy to embrace looking into the depth of you, or else everyone would be doing it. There are scary monsters there. They own you till you sit with them. I am here to help you do just that instead of blaming others or a situation or… where you currently are.

Blessings to your death to what owns you so you can be reborn.

Wahe Guru Love to You,


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