Sat Nam. I’m serious about this.

What does “Awaken” or “Awakened” mean to you?

What does Awaken mean for you?

This is the year, if ever there was one, to do just that.

Awaken to you…

to your longings

to your unfilled dreams and desires

to the reason you came here in the first place.

Yes, there are lots of questions here, and there is a reason. If you don’t ask these questions (oh, and answer them) in this month of new beginnings, this January 2018, when will you do so?

New beginnings have a reason. To give us new hope that we can shift, that we can embrace a more alive, connected, juicy, hopeful life… your life. If you don’t care about that, then just stop reading this. Share it with a friend who does care.

When I was in my super-challenging marriage with, a, yes narcissist, I kept reminding myself that everything I was learning was for me and for those I would serve. If just for me, I could have just run the friggin’ cave and hid away. Yes, it was that unfun. I literally remember the good times we had in hours, not days, over 15 years. I used it as a chance to gather data and see what worked for me and what I could learn to help others. I could go into all sorts of data and stories and make you realize that I truly was in a deeply dysfunctional abusive marriage. Let’s just say, when I moved to LA, I weighed 112 lbs and I’m 5’9”. Need I say more? This is what sustained me. Meditation, Kirtan, Yoga, Sewa, and outreach programs in the city for women, saved me. And, yes, my children, when I got to spend time with them. But that is another story for another time.

All challenges can crush us or give us a spark to ignite the world and beyond with our light. What is your choice?

Wahe Guru love to you.

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