What is love really about? This wonderful Hallmark love day is a great impetus to explore the vastness and day-to-day gifts and challenges of, yes, LOVE.

We use this four-letter word almost as a bargaining tool. Let’s look at love in a much bigger, deeper, more profound level. I want to make a list with you. Please make your list first then look at mine. Don’t get distracted.

True meanings of love                Fake hostage-taking uses of the word




For me, the true meaning is…



Seeing beyond the obvious

Putting yourself in the other’s skin

Willing to listen, really hear

Giving the other the benefit of the, not doubt, but belief.

Seeing the person for who they are, not who you want them to be

Willing to invest time, space, and grace

Another chance and another



Love increases your vastness

You never lose by loving, despite the outcome

Love is, it has nothing to do with deserving (i.e., They don’t deserve my love)

Love sees into the other

Love fuels possibilities



So much more want to see yours.

Fake love…

Bargaining if you… then I will

Because of (they are rich, can give you opportunities large or small)

You make me feel good about myself

You complete me (meaning I’m not whole on my own)

You are my last hope

Deception for gain in the name of love

Lack of trust, but what the heck

So many more

I am not telling you… You need to like or trust everyone. I’m saying, “See and trust them to be who and what they are.” For that you need the clarity to see into who they really are.

Intuition + Acceptance = Caring

Caring + Trust = Hope

Hope + Surrender + Trust = Love

You get to become stronger and more juicy so you can increase your love quotient.

Love is all there is Wahe Guru.

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