stockvault-blood-rose-macro---hdr133786Funny how a business and a car can become more well-known than the four pillars, the four power times of our life cycle on planet Earth. Let’s reclaim the essence of Equinox and Solstices, shall we?

These four pillars were given to us as power points, wake-up time. The spring or vernal Equinox is self-sacrifice time. Doesn’t sound good to you? Oh, but it is, for you have to die to your fears before you can get that rebirth, that luscious connection that we all long for. So are you ready to die?

Think of all the spring holy days. They all include death, from the Passover with the angel of death that didn’t take the Jewish babies, but how were they saved? With blood on the door. The angel of death took someone, some group. Then there’s Easter which has been preceded by 40 days of Lent where you give things up that you know aren’t good for you so that come Easter, you can arise with Christ into a more sublime state of your own life. Then Bhasakhi (Sikh Spring Holy Day) where Guru Gobind Singh actually asked for five people heads. Not figuratively but literally. Those with the courage to surrender their all were birthed into a new existence. They are known as the five Beloved ones and they were the first to be taken from a low class and elevated into a high class complete with Turbans which only kings were allowed to wear.

I ask you to sit and breathe into your fear.

Do this meditation 8-part inhale through the nose thinking Sa Ta Na Ma one sound per sniffed breath. Exhale in a whistle. Whistle gives you the capacity to release fear. The mudra is little finger (mercury) touching all the way from base of hands. Middle finger (saturn) tips touch each other. All other fingers are extended out powerfully.

Another great tip: write your fears out, read them, burn them.

You can be one of the last 2 people we can fit in if you say yes right away.

Go here  and join us Come join Keith and me for a wonderful, empowering journey into the death and rebirth of you with others. It is always a more powerful experience  to utilize the energy of a group.  It is much more activating, much more supportive of going to deep places and staying there till the shift happens. I promise you a vast container to dive into and some powerful tools to take with you. Best of all a great group to do it with. There are only 2 places left. Are you one of those two? Then say yes to yourself and your energetic release and rebirth.

To your fearless empowerment of your essence.


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